3 steps to embrace cloud computing in your accounting practice

With more and more accountants embracing digital transformation, the demand for cloud services is increasing. But for those who are stuck in a traditional mindset, it can be difficult to know where to start with new technology.

Here are our three main steps to embrace cloud computing technology in your organisation:

1. Plan for the cloud

Cloud technology isn’t adopted overnight. It takes planning, preparation and education to ensure a smooth transition. To get the most out of your cloud IT setup, it’s important to carefully analyse each step of the journey to adoption and decide what your next move is going to be accordingly.

Applications you are currently using for your finances need to be updated and backed up regularly in the lead up to the move. In addition to this, any confidential data needs to be highlighted and handled by your provider accordingly.

2. Know what to expect

Accountants should seek out consultancy from a Managed Service or Cloud Provider to gain an insight into what they should expect when the implementation is complete.

At Atlas Cloud, we will be on-site with you when you go live and are only ever a phone call if you ever need additional support during your time with us. Our award-winning technical support team have an average monthly customer satisfaction rating of 4.9/5.

3. Set policies

With cloud technology comes new ways of working. It’s crucial that managers set out clear guidelines of how these new methods can be utilised for improved productivity, efficiency and employee motivation. This innovation provides organisations with the tools they need to introduce methods such as BYOD, remote working and flexible work hours. Without a structured approach to this, they may not get the optimum results of cloud computing.

As cloud computing picks up speed in the accounting world, it’s crucial that businesses aren’t left behind. Accountants need to become agiler. With the right technology, smaller accountants are able to take their work to the next level. Having the ability to utilise enterprise-level applications at a manageable monthly cost is enabling accounting practices to make the most of their resources.

For more information on cloud computing and how to adopt it, do not hesitate to contact us.

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