3 tips to make working from home more productive

working from home

The way we are able to work is adapting to the way we want to work. Employees are gradually changing their expectations of the working lifestyle, mobile employees still have a duty to prove that the terms ‘home’ and ‘working’ are not mutually exclusive. With the cloud allowing workers to pick and choose when they work from home, it is becoming more common for flexible working.

So, how do you make your work day at home as productive as possible?


To work to your best ability whilst being surrounded by all your home comforts, you should remove anything that could limit your productivity. Close non-related web pages and apps, stay away from the TV and make sure all pets/children are fed and taken care of.


A real benefit of working from home is that you can work to your own schedule. You could take a longer lunch or pick up the kids from school and then continue working later. But with great power comes great responsibility. It’s important that you structure your day efficiently and realistically to ensure you are working your daily hours. Of course, if you are sticking to your typical 9-5 working day, this shouldn’t be a problem but if you’re going to take full advantage of flexible working you should aim to be as productive as possible.


Though you’re not physically at work, your mind should be. The right work environment will promote the right working mindset, make sure wherever you’re working is clean and spacious. Sit upright at your desk with a drink and snack prepared nearby to prevent unnecessary trips to the kitchen.

By creating a work-appropriate distraction-free environment and planning your time effectively, you’re more likely to retain a professional mindset and work perhaps even more productively than you would at the office.

Don’t get carried away by the comforts of your own home – with the cloud, this is your second office… treat it that way.

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