3 ways the cloud increases productivity

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All businesses should be aiming to leverage the most effective, yet cost-friendly solution possible. The best way to do that? Cloud computing.

For those who are still anti-cloud, you should be aware that companies that don’t take advantage of cloud computing will become a minority in less than 6 years.

It’s clear to see that cloud computing is a change that has to happen if you want your business to stay relevant. Why wouldn’t you want to adopt the cloud when it has so many benefits? Here are 3 ways the cloud improves business productivity:


Cloud computing allows for easy collaboration between employees. Workers can access relevant files and documents from wherever they are: a café, home, on a plane, the location of the worker has no limit.

When you eliminate the time-consuming traditional process of sharing files for project work, you are left with a much more streamlined process.

By providing employees with better facilities to allow them to collaborate on projects this will encourage collaborative working and therefore will most likely result in better business.


By removing the need for staff to manage a huge IT infrastructure, more time can be spent on their individual work tasks.

With the cloud, you can treat computing as a utility meaning you will have a team of IT experts on hand ready to assist any internal problems whilst maintaining infrastructure.

This option offers scalability with the ability to add or remove users depending on staff numbers all available with a pay-per-user per-month model.


The cloud enables employees not only to work anywhere but to work from anything. Staring at the same computer monitor for 5 days a week can result in a lack of motivation. With the cloud, employees can optimise a BYOD strategy.

Employees can work from their own device and possibly even go remote. With this option being available to employees, it can encourage them to work beyond their normal working hours due to being in the comforts of their own home.

In conclusion, increased productivity is achieved with a greater focus on the tasks required in-house. With everything IT being dealt with in the cloud, it allows workers to focus all of their attention on their own individual tasks.

If you are wanting to increase productivity within your workplace, request a free demo or contact us for more information about the cloud.

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