5 reasons why an office move is the perfect time to adopt the cloud

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When it comes to moving offices, there’s a lot to consider. Re-locations are tiring and time-consuming. Businesses need to pack up and take furniture, valuable goods, documents and files whilst keeping the business up and running.

A major challenge of relocation is removing and relocating existing IT infrastructure, including PCs and servers. To keep things simple, most companies simply shift their old system from one office to the other.

Many companies don’t consider that they could instead virtually move their desktops. By putting data and applications in the cloud, this minimises the physical burden of paper files and data servers.

Here’s why an office move is a perfect time to adopt the cloud:

1) Traditional IT hardware needs a refresh

During the economic turn-down, old technology cost UK businesses £8.3 billion.

Typically PCs have a 5-year lifespan before needing replacing. An office move is a perfect opportunity to break out of the IT refresh cycle and in particular, consider how software can replace old hardware and servers.

Companies can change over to the cloud at any point, even during the move. Cloud solutions allow access to all data, operating systems and applications via the internet.

2) Employees can still work during the move

When businesses think of relocating they often think this will result in a disruption to work and a decrease in productivity. This fear stems from the traditional method of relocating. This would involve moving existing hardware, requiring careful planning to securely relocate both heavy servers and delicate screens and PCs.

Once the kit is moved, the IT infrastructure has to be rebuilt in the new location which can be extremely time-consuming. By adopting a cloud computing solution, companies can overcome these challenges.

The cloud replaces on-site servers altogether removing the need for their relocation or replacement. With the cloud, you only need an internet connection and an Internet-enabled device to access a work desktop, resulting in the ability to have your office anywhere. This enables home and remote working allowing business continuity.

3) Transferring critical data and ensuring disaster recovery during the move

Traditional IT systems tend to offer limited security and disaster recovery and it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep these systems up-to-date and secure. When it comes to moving offices, ensuring the safe backup and relocation of these systems can be a huge concern.

Cloud solutions by the right provider can remove this risk for businesses as all data is stored and backed up regularly, in secure ISO 27001:2013 certified data centres. Without on-site servers, there is no risk of data loss or theft as no company information is stored on office hardware. Should devices get broken or lost during the move, no data is compromised or exposed. What’s more, IT security is taken care of with frequent updates being performed by the provider, for a continuous and reliable IT environment.

4) Having your IT network planned and set up by someone who knows what they are doing

Many businesses considering adopting the cloud plan to do so AFTER moving office – what many don’t realise is that it is much more efficient to take this step during the move itself. This takes away a lot of stress and enables the company to focus on business continuity instead.

5) Remaining competitive and using IT to support future business development

An office move is a chance to reflect on existing structures and assess whether they will suit the business in the years to come. Business owners should ask themselves whether their IT setup is ensuring the company to remain competitive in the long run.

Cloud computing allows businesses to build and define a unique company culture. You can embrace new ways of working such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and remote working. The cloud solution offers increased flexibility and mobility to employees, attracting new talent and boosting employee satisfaction. Furthermore, companies can improve collaboration, reduce office space and energy costs and quickly react to change due to the scalability of the cloud, among many other benefits.

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