5 reasons why recruiters should adopt the cloud

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Times have changed, there is no need for over-reliance on paper-based administration, compensating for a lack of technology or administrators spending valued time correcting errors. The cloud can transform these obsolete practices into modern ways of working, which will benefit the company tremendous amounts.

1.     24/7 access to candidate information and emails

As many know, recruiters lead a very busy working life, meaning 24/7 service is essential. Cloud computing offers the ability to access information requested upon demand from anywhere, without the need to store it locally. A main advantage of the cloud is the ability to obtain any data, from any device, anywhere, at any time. This supports the concept of remote working as information is accessible from anywhere, leading to the continuity of operations without having to be in the office.

2.     Bring together all processes, documentation and email

Due to the rapid advancement of technology, the evolution from paper to paperless recruiting is growing even more. A database which is important for recruitment is a customised Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution, which has the ability to create job posting efficiency by creating a portal for touching multiple platforms. This groups candidate information and profiles it into a single, searchable source by consolidating internal and external databases. This allows for continuity and connectivity when accessing and navigating information, meaning the cloud provides efficiency as well as being an organised system for information to be easily accessible.

3.     Reduce costs

A main concern of businesses is increasing costs. A cloud-based recruitment platform requires no server or hardware set up costs, no maintenance costs and no limitation to the amount of data stored, meaning the primary focus is on time and money of your operations, not any unnecessary costs. The cloud-based subscription model allows an increase or decrease in the service according to your needs; providing flexibility.

4.     Stay productive when on-the-go

When using the cloud, employee productivity is improved because they can simply access their documents and emails whilst away from the office. This is especially an advantage in recruitment as many work remotely, needing mobility and flexibility. The concept of Bring your own Device (BYOD) allows greater flexibility for recruiting professionals on the move. Mobile cloud applications also allow recruiters to take action on issues without having to wait to get to a desktop.

5.     Meet industry compliance

There is much debate over whether the cloud is secure or not, nevertheless, it can be more secure than a traditional IT infrastructure. A reason for this is cloud encryption gateway, this protects information meaning it cannot be read by any outside users. Sensitive data is replaced with encrypted values for storage in the cloud. This information is under the control at all times meaning the organisation can move to the cloud without worrying about privacy. By taking your business into the cloud, organisations can accelerate their road to compliance.

6. User provisioning taken care of

By shifting the responsibility of handling, monitoring and managing IT to a cloud service provider, this removes the task of adding or removing members of staff from software permissions and licenses. For example, if a new member of staff joins the team with a traditional IT setup, the IT manager would have to install the latest version of Office 365 onto their device at their workstation, configure the software and ensure it’s running efficiently. This task can be time-consuming and inconsistent, increasing the risk of system and human errors.


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