5 reasons why you should be talking about the cloud

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Cloud technology is enabling businesses to drive efficiency and improve connectivity.

With centralised data, up-to-date kit and opportunity for remote working, it’s no surprise that overall British cloud adoption rates now stand at 88%. However, for cloud computing to gain the recognition needed it is crucial that those who appreciate the benefits are able to discuss this with others. Here are 5 reasons you should be talking about the cloud:


The average time spent commuting is 54.6 minutes, this time could be spent working on a project as easy as clicking the Facebook app on your mobile. 72% of workers said that they are more productive when working mobile and 52% of companies confirmed this approach has improved their workforce’s productivity. Gartner also predicts that 50% of employees will be required to carry out work on their own devices by 2017.


73% of knowledge workers collaborate with people in different time zones and regions monthly.With collaborations becoming the standard within businesses, the cloud would be hugely beneficial when working on projects. Instead of sending files back and forth with the potential for error, the cloud enables one version of the truth to be accessible constantly resulting in a more streamlined process.


Lost laptops are a major business problem. The value of a piece of kit could actually be significantly lower than the value of the sensitive data on that kit. With the cloud, mobility and security go hand-in-hand, the ability to work on projects on the go is not only a benefit for accessibility but also for the risk of losing your device. How? If your data is stored in the cloud this means no data is stored on a device which results in the risk of losing any information being lowered.


A lot of anti-cloud individuals believe that they will never use the cloud and refuse to give up their data. What many are unaware of, is the fact that our go-to mobile applications are indeed cloud-based. From the likes of Facebook to Spotify. Facebook has been known to obtain 1.65 billion monthly active users with 54% of them accessing the service through their mobile application only. This means all 1.65 million Facebook users are also cloud users.


Cloud computing is enhancing the shift from traditional work methods to flexibility and mobility through innovative technology. The cloud benefits not only the end-user but businesses as a whole by connecting employees with up-to-date tech, allowing for; better business productivity, reduced costs and enhanced IT.

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