5 things that won’t happen in the cloud

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The traditional IT we once knew will slowly be extinct due to the growing demands of data requirements and business’ desire to opt for the most cost-effective IT set-up possible. The method of saving files to a hard drive on a local computer will not be sufficient enough to meet the demands of evolving technology and security regulations, neither will it be the most beneficial in the sense of company budget.

The issues faced with local computers and storage system would not be an issue if data and applications were stored within an external environment such as the cloud. Here are 5 things that won’t happen if you opt for data storage in the cloud:


With traditional IT solutions, when a data outage occurs you are just left hoping that you managed to back-up all your files manually – usually by emailing your documents to yourself. This alone breaches many security factors and increases potential threat greatly. In addition to this, it leaves you with the chore of having to remember to email these files, save them in an order that replicates your office’s hard drive and ensure you keep them up-to-date. For others, back-ups of files and data do not even come into consideration, mainly because they are unaware as to why you should actually do this. It’s easy to think that the likes of hacking will not happen to you…ever. However, by taking this naïve approach to data storage, you are only putting yourself in danger.

Imagine, one day you come into work to find out a virus has destroyed your entire hard drive of hours upon hours of work – what would you do? Probably cry and then, turn to IT and demand to know how to get this data back.

Unless a full, data backup strategy is in place you would not be able to retrieve this data. This would grind business productivity to a halt and leave all members of staff twiddling their thumbs wondering what to do next.

With the cloud, continual data back-ups are carried out whilst you are working. Every piece of hard work you are producing is constantly being replicated and stored within a secure data centre. In addition to this, your desktop will be monitored continually for threats to security such as viruses with a team of expert IT staff there on hand to resolve any issues.

Atlas Cloud offers DRaaS which is powered by Zerto in the case an outage or disaster. Atlas will make your data and desktop environment available quickly and efficiently, providing a holistic recovery solution. With our DRaaS, you have the option to scale up or down depending on business growth and user requirements. If you don’t want to make any commitments, you can also opt for a pay-as-you-go payment model, meaning we can implement our DRaaS whenever your business requires recovery at a one-time charge.


For businesses who are still set in their on-premise ways, you are probably aware of missing out on home/remote working. The option to choose where you want to work when you wake up in the morning gives employees a sense of freedom that flexible office working hours alone could not give.

A potential hinder to productivity can sometimes be the feeling of being trapped in a routine with no new inspiration. This lack of passion can often result in sloppy work and difficulty concentrating on the task in front of you.

Cloud computing gives you the ability to choose where you want to work and when.

Mobile working is becoming increasingly popular for the modern day employee especially with the likes of childcare being an issue in terms of working hours. Businesses of all sizes need to adapt and provide a way to working that will keep employees happy and engaged.

For workers to have the ability to work from any location – whether this be a café, a train or even simply their home, businesses need to devise a work from home policy that gives employees the option to do so. All that needs to be considered for this to be effective is; a cloud platform to access company files and data securely and safely, an employee’s own device and Wi-Fi. That’s it.


Productivity is what most, if not all, businesses are continually wanting to improve. And for those enterprises who aren’t putting productivity on the top of the list, they should consider that a productive workforce is a profitable one.

A lot can happen in each working week, from meetings to conferences to events – although it’s crucial to build a good network it can sometimes put your crucial tasks on pause. If you have a to-do list that seems never ending these occasions can often be seen as a burden. Of course, you want to say yes to as many opportunities for networking and social events out there to get people talking about your brand and to meet potential prospects.

So, how do we solve this problem?

The cloud can allow any spare time to be work time. When commuting to and from these events (providing you have Wi-Fi or a hotspot connection) you can simply log onto your Hosted Desktop and access all files and data to work whilst on the go and cross tasks off your to-do list.


If you’re involved in a start-up or small business, you will most likely understand that IT can and will have issues from time to time. These issues can threaten productivity with the ability to work efficiently jeopardised. Start-ups must ensure that no work time is wasted as this is also money wasted – which is something that is very limited for them.

IT issues are amendable but, for most start-ups, IT staff are on the back of the list when establishing a business due to the common misconception that IT within organisations is a costly matter. Without experts on the sidelines ready to solve glitches, errors or system crashes it’s easy to feel like you’ve been left alone in the dark.

With cloud service providers, IT help is on hand whenever it is needed. Simply email or phone up to gain access to a real human guiding you through ways to resolve the issues you are facing. This eliminates the need for time and money to be used on recruitment process costs and salary for IT staff as all the IT help you need will be based off-site and included in your monthly subscription cost to your CSP.

Atlas Cloud’s technical support team have been rated 4.9/5 for speed, professionalism and response. Our team has also been awarded “The Best Service Provider” for our excellent service and support to customers.


Cloud computing comes in many different packages with many different options. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a cloud computing model which allows businesses to prevent budget being wasted on unused IT. How? IaaS is basically another way of saying you rent things like servers, networking technology and storage from your CSP based on a pay-per-month basis, resulting in you only paying for what you use.

For businesses, you can avoid the dreaded splurge of buying equipment for a full office with up-to-date technology that is suited to your employee’s needs in terms of application use. This also allows for scalability which is perfect for organisations which require more staff at peak seasons, i.e. retailers at Christmas, as they can simply request for more kit and return once the busy period is over.

If you’re interested in how cloud computing wins over on-premise solutions for your company, do not hesitate to contact us for a free demo.

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