5 things you thought you knew about the cloud

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Millions of people already use cloud services every day without even realising it.  From Gmail to Amazon to eBay, nearly all the apps you use on a daily basis are available because of the cloud. The cloud has established itself as a major development in IT and looking to the future, it is likely that the cloud is going to become even more a part of our lives.


With continual bad press about the cloud, from reports of celebrity selfies to account details being nabbed it’s no wonder so many people fear the cloud. A common concern that people have with cloud services is that sensitive data and information is left vulnerable and open to anybody. However, it is actually more secure than traditional IT. Atlas Cloud is ISO 27001:2013 certified and use online bank-grade data centres.


A perception exists that cloud services are not stable or consistent enough for critical IT processes. However, such systems are designed to have maximum resilience and security, rather than be solely focused on cost savings and price wars between providers.


Many of those who come close to biting the cloud computing bullet, often back away due to the false image of the cloud being an expensive process. With IT budgets already being kept to the bare minimum, the idea of transforming the entire IT infrastructure of an organisation sounds both timely and costly. However, it doesn’t need to be.

Depending on how you go about cloud adoption will result in different benefits. If your business decides to shift to a cloud service provider, you will be greeted with IT support, necessary kit and ongoing maintenance all for a monthly subscription fee. This method of cloud computing also allows for the ability to add or remove users to the infrastructure meaning no kit is wasted and no unnecessary costs will occur.


Cloud computing not only streamlines critical business processes but greatly improves overall productivity, enabling employees to work on any device, anytime, anywhere. Communication and collaboration are far easier as file sharing is simplified and colleagues can message securely over Skype for Business.


If you’re interested in increasing productivity whilst saving money, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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