5 ways the cloud will transform your business

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Cloud computing is continually evolving and by doing so, transforming the way businesses operate. Instead of tasks taking place on the company’s desktop machines or personal servers, applications and computing tasks are being executed in massive offsite data centres. Therefore, allowing for remote working and as a result, increased productivity.

This improved productivity is just one of the ways cloud computing can transform businesses, here are 5 other benefits the cloud can offer to enterprises:


Companies can now react with agility to changing situations and business demands. A key advantage of cloud computing and cloud services is the fact they are dynamic and are adaptable to the needs of the business.

Businesses will utilise their IT resources with flexible, dynamic systems with instant, always-on access.

Traditionally, if a business wanted to grow, they would need to plan ahead, budget and set time aside to implement new pieces of tech into the existing on-premise solution. With cloud computing, these changes can occur automatically, instantly and simultaneously without the stress of hindering business productivity.


In a traditional IT setup, businesses paid for a certain amount of space to handle their IT functions – whether they needed this or not. This would mean purchasing more desktops, adding more machines or renting space from offsite servers. This model results in growing companies struggling to expand their IT resources to suit their demands.

With cloud computing, virtual assets are made to be flexible and dynamic and can be offered on a subscription or on-demand basis. Businesses will only pay for actual products used rather than defying scopes and purchase orders in advance.


Businesses of all sizes are capable of coming up with new ideas – the difference being that larger businesses can make these ideas into a reality much more easily.

Before cloud computing, if a company wanted to carry out an idea for an application or IT service, they would be required to purchase and configure expensive server equipment. This means small companies can deploy the application from the cloud and only pay for what they use whilst doing so.

In addition to this, as the cloud allows users to access data from any location this means it is not essential for members of staff to be present in their chosen office. This allows businesses to attract the top talent with no limitations.

Put simply, cloud computing is giving enterprises of all sizes to perform to the very best.


With cloud service providers, IT infrastructure is maintained and managed offsite. The costs associated with IT maintenance personnel as well as upgrading and updating the hardware itself is spread out among others and wrapped into a pay-per-use model.

This doesn’t mean enterprises can say goodbye to their IT staff completely – instead, they can leverage those minds to develop innovative new technology.


Products and services offered by CSPs are unique to each individual customer. The way they are delivered, however, is a common procedure that does not differ hugely depending on the customer’s requirements.

Instead of purchasing software and licensing to be manually installed on each individual’s hard drive, with cloud computing, a central server hosts the application as individual users utilise the program by accessing it securely over the internet.

Hosting the applications on a remote server accessible via the internet also offers the ability for users to access apps from any computer with an internet connection. This allows any commuting time to be work time. This approach to working can improve productivity greatly as employees can complete tasks as and when they need to – instead of being restricted to their 9-5 working hours.

Cloud computing is and will continually allow businesses to grow with the best IT set-up possible, all suited to individual budgets.

If you’re interested in how the cloud can change your business, do not hesitate to contact us for a demo.

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