6 benefits of BYOD strategies

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Technology is advancing and business owners are struggling to keep up. They need a way to provide modern day employees with the tools they need whilst sticking to their IT budget.

By opting for a BYOD strategy, businesses are able to cut utility costs in the office, free up office space and encourage more flexible working.

Cisco study found that 69% of IT decision makers were in favour of BYOD, viewing it as a positive addition to any workplace policy.

But why are BYOD strategies on the rise for modern businesses?

  1. Improved productivity

A survey entitled The Financial Impact of BYOD by Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) found that: “The average BYOD user saves 37 minutes per week thanks to using his or her own device, with a high of 81 minutes per week in the United States.”

  1. Reduced IT expenditure

As employees are utilising their own devices, there is no need for the organisation to provide them with a full IT setup. Instead, they are able to work from a device that they have purchased themselves.

  1. Increase engagement

BYOD workers are more likely to check emails before the work day has begun. This isn’t because they are struggling to complete tasks during the working day, it is because they are more engaged and more focused on their work. Instead of seeing their personal device as a distraction, they can instead see it as an opportunity for improved work. Regarding time outside of the working day, it is estimated that the connected employee is working an extra two hours and sending 20 more emails every day, which is an impressive addition to productivity within the working week outside of designated working hours.

  1. Attracts the best applicants

With the ability to access their entire work desktop from any location, recruitment is no longer exclusive to the area in which the main office is based. Employees can work from home or from an office location more convenient for them, potentially aiding the digital skills gap.

  1. Less stress on IT

With BYOD strategies usually, comes a managed services provider who hosts the applications and data ready for the users to access. With this, there is no longer any need for in-house IT to monitor and update devices. Instead, the third-party services provider will be taking care of the boring stuff, allowing businesses to focus on what really matters.

  1. Happier employees

A related Samsung study found that workers feel more balance in their professional and personal lives when they are allowed to bring their own devices into work. Ultimately, the adoption of BYOD strategies in the workplace is proving to be a positive move for the modern day worker. They are no longer restricted to the four walls of the office and have the ability to make their work life, work for them with policies like working from home and flexible working hours.

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