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Born in 2010, Atlas Cloud set out to “enable great work from anywhere”. Ten years later, that model became mainstream and was termed hybrid working.

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/ It ain’t easy managing a distributed workforce.

There’s no denying, a moving to a hybrid workplace changes a team’s culture. Not always for the best. 

As we’ve been enabling it for over a decade though, and even hosted events featuring workplace experts (like Bruce Daisley) on the topic, we’d like to think we’re better at handling it than most.

the a/c way

Atlas Cloud has a culture of excellence, built on the foundation of our three core values:

  1. Accountability: to our customers and each other
  2. Improvement: a constant focus on individual and business advancement
  3. Innovation: a passion for creativity and development of leading-edge solutions for today and the future

We work together as a team, we trust each other and treat each other with care and respect, and we value everybody’s input equally.

We are proud of our culture; it is evident in and flows through the world-class experience we provide for our people and our customers.


/ When we say that, we actually mean that.

As earlier adopters of cloud-based virtualisation (and having won multiple awards for it), we’ve always been at the forefront.

Now, having switched all of our infrastructure to public-cloud first, we’re once again leading the way.


If you want a flavour for how we do things, then look no further than our values.

To engrain our values, we host quarterly staff awards to recognise colleagues that have embodied innovation, improvement and accountability.

We strive to understand our customers and the changing digital landscape.
We are passionate about delivering transformational outcomes.
We implement ever-changing business outcomes.
We are masters of the technologies we offer.
We always challenge the way we do things.
We dedicate time to self develop and appreciate the support of others.
We appreciate efficiency through automation.
Continuous improvement is at the heart of what we do.
We take ownership of every engagement with customers and colleagues.
We deliver quality with urgency.
We make customers feel valued.
We are proud to be Atlas Cloud!
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Team Atlas Cloud

/ A Geordie base, operating nationally

We’re headquartered in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne but have a plethora of valued remote workers spanning the country.

You don’t have to be based in Newcastle to claim your monthly FREE GREGGS SAUSAGE ROLL* (no joke!), but you do have to accept a branded polo shirt, hoodie or gilet to wear while claiming it**.

* Includes the vegan sausage roll, obviously

** You don’t really have to wear it while in your local bakery. But employees do get branded swag!


/ Some of us (not all of us) like a good fitness challenge.

As part of team building, our CEO – Pete Watson – likes to organise an optional challenge once in a while.

We’ve done 20-mile long assault courses, the Yorkshire “Three Peaks Challenge“ and even virtual challenges during lockdown.

We also make a habbit of more sensible hikes a few times a year.

Some Atlas Cloud colleagues standing on a mountain peak
Some of the team during the Yorkshire Three Peaks

100% rated ceo on glassdoor

/ Don’t take it from us, take it from employees.

With an established CEO, at the helm for over a decade, every single employee past-and-present has rated him highly.

Read our full Glassdoor profile to get a real feel for the organisation.

New Research

Our recent, nationwide research shows what can be learnt from working during lockdown. Download the report today.

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