Are offices becoming extinct?

working outside an office

As mobile working becomes more easily accessible more workers are opting for this change in lifestyle.

Cloud technology is allowing business operations to evolve to match the changes in lifestyles. Remote working allows flexibility whilst cutting down wasted time and money spent commuting.

A third of workers surveyed use their own device to work remotely; of this 81% were from home, 62% while travelling and 64% at work.[1]


Some business leaders have actually chosen to shut their offices completely and go mobile. With laptops, tablets and smartphones at the ready, employees can work from anywhere they wish. In the comfort of their chosen environment, high noise levels and constant distractions are no longer an issue resulting in productivity being almost doubled.[2]

Mobile working reflects the everyday needs and desires of workers, which naturally improves staff recruitment. Having the option to work from anywhere removes the need for relocating and commuting, resulting in wider options when talent searching.


Obviously, this is not a viable option for all businesses or employees. Within certain industries, they have no option but to be fixed to a desk working office hours. And, some workers actually enjoy the hustle and bustle of a busy office whilst others may feel a lack of motivation when being surrounded by the likes of games consoles and TV’s when in their own home.

As well as this, a visual presence in the office can be psychologically important to an individual’s evaluation of performance and even chances of promotion. The perception that remote working translates into slacking can cause uneasy friction between colleagues and employers.


Evidently, whether a significant number of businesses become completely office-free in the future is dependent upon a number of factors like trust and the type of business you are running. For businesses who have no need to be in an office, this is a great opportunity. No office means a reduction in costs; no rent, no utilities and no office hardware.

Are you interested in a reduction of spending whilst improving productivity?

Go mobile with the cloud, contact us today to find out how.

[1] According to a study by Forrester Research

[2] According to ZDNet

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