Beat the 4 main security threats recruitment agencies face

Security in the recruitment sector

With staff turnover in the recruitment sector reaching 40%, it is becomingly increasingly harder for recruitment firms to ensure the data stored within the four walls of the office is not extracted for personal use. With recruiters coming and going monthly, it’s essential that the right technology is in place to store files securely to minimise the opportunity of data theft.

The Hosted Desktop solution

Taking candidate data into a cloud platform is the first step for the recruitment industry. This means access to this data and information is exclusive to authorised personnel and is near enough impossible to remove from the cloud platform in comparison to traditional approaches to storing data.

However, what should be considered by decision makers is a managed solution in the form of a hosted desktop. With a hosted desktop, not only is the data stored within a secure cloud platform but all activity is also monitored. Here are a few of the benefits of opting for a fully managed hosted desktop solution:

  1. Remove print-screen function

Unlike a traditional IT setup, hosted desktops can be configured to prevent the theft of data by disabling print-screen functionality. This means staff are incapable of taking a screen grab from a candidate database and distributing it outside the organisation.

  1. No USB access

With a hosted desktop setup, it is impossible for data to be extracted from the local device and uploaded onto a USB stick. This is because no data is actually stored on the piece of kit, instead it is stored over the internet and can only be accessed within the hosted desktop environment. The hardware is an empty shell simply used as a platform to launch the environment where all information is actually stored.

  1. Remote wiping on devices

If data has fallen into the wrong hands, there’s no need to worry. As your managed service provider, we have the ability and rights to remote wipe any device that is connected to the hosted desktop environment. Put simply, we can delete all data on the device without having physical access to it.

  1. User provisioning

As staff turnover is significantly high in the recruitment sector, this can make it difficult for the IT department to keep up with the management of users. With a hosted desktop solution, the removal or setup of a user can be requested in a matter of minutes and is then dealt with by the managed service provider.

Although a traditional IT setup may seem like the easiest option, it’s not efficient when it comes to the security of your recruitment agency. By taking all your applications, data and emails into a secure cloud platform, you can benefit from all security threats being handled by a team of technical experts so you can focus on the important stuff. If you want to experience just how secure a cloud approach to data and application storage really is, request your free demo today.

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