Introducing Atlas Cloud’s brand new Hybrid Working Toolkit

Posted: 6th Aug 2021
An essential overview of the challenges of implementing Hybrid Working and recommendations for how to overcome them.

Today we launch our latest whitepaper – an essential overview of the challenges we’ll face implementing Hybrid Working and a collection of recommendations for how to overcome them.

As a Managed Service Provider that has long focused on the niche of “enabling great work from anywhere”, the last 18 months have been noteworthy to say the very least.

We responded to the challenges of the pandemic by trying to learn from it. We’ve now conducted three nationwide surveys on home working and the future of work:


With a total of 8,000 respondents and insights published in The Times, The Guardian, City AM and Computer Weekly; it’s fair to say we found more than we bargained for across our research.

Early in 2021, we also invited a series of specialist thought leaders to discuss the topic of Hybrid Working across four virtual events.

Along with a few of our own technology specialists, our events featured former UK Twitter and YouTube boss turned author and podcaster, Bruce Daisley, as well as speakers from Microsoft, Citrix, Gensler, Shine Interview, Invotra, Human by Leighton, Hive HR, Benevolent Health, Zokri, HYHubs, The Big Picture People and Physiotherapy Matters. A broad range!

We’ve distilled all of the issues and recommendations discussed into our new whitepaper, which we’re proud to launch today: The Hybrid Working Toolkit.


Download your copy today

The overriding theme we’ve discovered about hybrid working is: Many companies have (obviously) worked successfully in an office. Many companies have worked successfully being fully remote. But no one has really embraced working fully hybrid before. Yet soon, pretty much all of us will.

Some aspects to working in a hybrid fashion won’t need consideration. But there are some key questions that just don’t have obvious answers:

  • How do we stop colleagues coming in to empty offices and thinking it’s not worth it?
  • How do we prevent colleagues all coming in on the same day and not having enough space?
  • How do we give home-based colleagues as much of a voice as office-based colleagues during key meetings?
  • How do we make sure younger colleagues are still learning from casual interactions that occur naturally in the office?

These issues, and a whole lot more, are discussed in our new Hybrid Working Toolkit. It’s an essential asset for any manager looking to successfully navigate the challenges of the next phase of working.

With employees looking for increased flexibility and the UK Government ramping up efforts to encourage workers back to city centres, now is the time to prepare your hybrid workplace – by downloading our Hybrid Working Toolkit

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Ben is passionate about technology that enables people to work more productively and collaboratively from anywhere in the world. He’s a karaoke king and an avid explorer, despite the fact that every holiday he takes seems to end in disaster.

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