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Right Trak

Right Trak’s case study is an interesting one. Due to the nature of their business of providing support for vulnerable children and young people, Right Trak needed an IT solution that protected any and all sensitive information held on-site.

Founded in 2006, Right-Trak offer services for both children and young people with emotional and/or behavioural difficulties in deprived areas. They offer care and therapeutic environments for children/young people in order to help create better, positive futures for both them and their families.

Right-Trak’s approach is to treat each child/young person individually so that they can create solutions which meet their specific needs. They have two sites in the North East, each offering 6 bedrooms for vulnerable young people

Greater flexibility, same familiar interface

We set Right-Trak up with hosted desktops which meant their users could access all of their applications (including Sage 50) and data, within a Windows environment, from any device.

Chris Morris
CTO, Atlas Cloud

The challenges

Due to working with vulnerable children and young people, Right-Trak had concerns over the security of the data they held on-site, both in terms of protecting their confidentiality and protecting them from people who prey upon them. They also needed to ensure that the secure records weren’t accessible by any of the children in either site.

Lack of IT investment had left them with an IT infrastructure which was causing them problems. Poor connectivity and unreliable networks would leave users unable to work at times. They also had old hardware and were reliant on legacy servers from which their applications and data was served. Their old setup left their 16 users unable to move about and work freely at both of their sites.

Right-Trak were also experiencing issues with their old service provider, who only offered 9 to 5 support hours. Due to the nature of their work, Right-Trak needed a supplier who could offer support 24/7. They also had no IT support on-site so moving to a provider who could help get them back up and running fast in the event of an issue was a priority.

A secure and reliable solution

After our initial discussions with Right-Trak our technical team were able to prepare a bespoke solution which addressed the challenges they were facing. It was decided that implementing a hosted desktop solution would help overcome the problems they had been facing and massively improve productivity.

We set them up with hosted desktops which meant their users could access all of their applications (including Sage 50) and data, within a Windows environment, from any device. This allowed their users a unified experience when working at either site and they were able to access everything they needed. To help protect their confidential data, users had to log in via multi-factor authentication and we locked down their hosted desktops to static IP addresses. This meant that users were unable to access data outside of the office which reduced the chances of the children/young people’s data falling into the wrong hands. We also implemented extra encryption on manager’s sessions to protect their financial information.

With hosted desktops no data is stored on site, instead it was all moved to our secure GDPR and ISO 27001 accredited data centres. By switching to a cloud based service it means that the processing power needed to run the hosted desktop sessions comes from the data centres rather than the device which enabled Right-Trak to get more use out of their aging hardware. Using hosted desktops means that they are no longer tied to their old servers, which have now been decommissioned, and instead gives them a totally scalable IT solution. This will allow them to continue to grow via acquisition and implement the same unified technology wherever it is needed.

Right-Trak chose to work with Atlas Cloud for several reasons including:

  • Our experience with implementing secure cloud based solutions
  • Our security accreditations
  • Our ability to provide 24/7 support from our team of engineers who can get them up and running fast
  • Our expertise at hosting Sage (for whom we Sage’s preferred hosting partner)


You can also read Vaulkhard Group’s case study here. For further examples, read this page.

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