Christmas shopping made easy with the cloud

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Christmas shopping, love it or hate it. Either way, it needs to get done. If you’re like me, you will hate being stuck behind slow walkers, out of stock disappointment and just the overall retail chaos of the Christmas season. Many people also share the same resentment as me which has led to more and more people opting for online shopping. Last year in the UK online shopping rose by 12% over Christmas.

By purchasing products online, you can avoid the stress of in-store shopping, find promo codes and read reviews quickly and easily. This new way of shopping wouldn’t be possible without the cloud.

And, even if you are still loyal to in-store shopping, cloud computing still offers help each step of the way.


The ability to search for your wanted items would not be possible without the cloud providing search engines with endless results of comparable prices and reviews. The detail of results when you search a simple phrase is what you need and more making it easy to make the best decision in terms of where you will be purchasing your items from.

The cloud allows this to happen as the most popular search engine, Google, uses cloud computing to expand the amount of results it can offer.

The beginning of the Christmas shopping is, of course, the wish list. The traditional pen and paper method of writing everything you want for Christmas on one sheet of paper is now over. Most companies have introduced a “wish list” section of their website which allows users to add the products they take an interest to, and then can be easily shared via email/text message or accessed directly by others on the website. The likes of Amazon is the main contender in this as you can also simply search the user’s wish list in the actual search bar (the one that is used for products). So if you are stuck for present ideas simply search away.

Shopping applications themselves rely on the cloud to keep them updated, send push notifications to customers and maintain customer information.

The dreaded food shop (or grocery shop). The next huge inconvenience of the whole Christmas day experience. Scouring the aisle for the must-haves, trying to work out then and there if Asda or Sainsbury’s is cheaper- there must be an easier way. This is where the cloud steps in to allow the process of shopping and sorting for the big meal easier. If you still want to shop in store there are mobile applications that allow you to produce and store your shopping list on your preferred device. You can also search the web then and there to discover which supermarket is offering the best deal – allowing you to save that tight Christmas budget.

Is it in stock?

The one question consumers dread to ask when confronted by an empty shelf, where that Furby was once placed. As most consumers are on a tight schedule when it comes to sorting out the Christmas shop, it is essential that no time is wasted by trekking all the way to a certain retailer only to discover that the item you made that journey for is not currently in stock. Here’s where the cloud steps in – most retailers now have mobile applications that are updated regularly to keep consumers, like yourself, in the loop about when an item is or isn’t in stock. This can be customised to view stock at an individual shop and you can also opt for notifications when the item is available again.

The cloud is making your Christmas easier and you didn’t even know it – if you want to know how it can make your work life easier this New Year, do not hesitate to get in touch.

We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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