Cloud computing services can save you money in the long run

The vast majority of high-level businesspeople are happy cruising along with their IT, unaware that there are ways to lower costs and improve employee productivity which in turn will increase revenue. Contrary to popular belief, MSPs can actually reduce capital expense because of the money-saving opportunities they present.

Payment system

Due to our OPEX payment system, you only pay for what you use. This makes it easier for businesses to scale up as they grow and also put a stop to spending large amounts of money when they hit a peak of recruitment. Instead, opting for a managed cloud computing service can save you money in the long run because your IT hardware doesn’t need to be replaced every 3-5 years.

Reduce overhead costs

As we take care of your IT set up, we actually replace the need for an IT Manager. All of our servicing and upgrades are automatic and regular so you don’t need to worry about having the latest version of applications, and our monthly maintenance service makes sure everyone’s desktop is taken care of.


We’re all about convenience at Atlas Cloud, which is why a BYOD strategy is perfect for companies that need to curb spending on all that hardware. When Atlas Cloud hosts your desktop, you can use any device from a laptop to a smartphone, and log in to your personalised desktop using 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connectivity.

Travel expenses

Implementing a work-from-home strategy as part of the work culture helps reduce travel expenses. Some employees may not be needed in the office so they can work from home until they are. In turn, the fact that there are fewer employees in the office may well mean you could opt for a smaller office to cut costs again.

If you think your company could benefit from cutting costs in this way, contact us to find out more about our hosted desktop solution.

New Research

Our recent, nationwide research shows what can be learnt from working during lockdown. Download the report today.

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