Covid-19: Free remote working advice from Atlas Cloud

Posted: 25th Mar 2020
Atlas Cloud CEO, Pete Watson, extends an offer of help to UK businesses struggling to work remotely in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

As CEO of Atlas Cloud, I’d like to extend an offer of help to UK businesses struggling to work remotely in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Atlas Cloud’s COVID-19 promise: Free no-obligation advice to help you enable remote working

At Atlas Cloud our mission has always been to enable people to work productively from anywhere. We’ll have been helping innovative companies to achieve for 10 years, come June this year.

I’m not trying to blow my own trumpet here. I’m merely trying to set the scene that Atlas Cloud is uniquely positioned to assist heavily office-based companies who may be going through a tough time right now.

As you’ll be well aware, this Monday the Prime Minister took the unprecedented step of ordering a nationwide lockdown. Suddenly, every office-based organisation needs to switch to remote working at scale, whether they’re prepared for it or not.

There have been many reports of companies struggling. Some desperately trying to get their hands on devices to allow their employees to work from home, others navigating issues with clunky VPNs. These are truly stressful times for everyone, so Atlas Cloud would like to help shoulder some of the burden by offering UK businesses free, no-obligation advice to help them reach an optimal decision on how to ensure continuity of business.

Our experts are yours to borrow, for free

If your organisation has been somewhat caught out by Covid-19 or your in-place systems and processes simply aren’t coping under the strain, we’d like to extend our help to guide you through the best options available to put things right. Once you’ve selected a solution that is a best-fit for your organisation at this time, you can then decide whether to fulfil everything in-house or whether you might need Atlas Cloud to lift some of the burden. There’s no obligation, and we’re always on the end of the phone should you need us. If you’re thinking that two heads would be better than one, then please book a timeslot with one of our technical experts today. Call us: 0191 250 5222 Even if you just want to run your current train of thought by us, we’re glad to be of assistance.

How Atlas Cloud has adapted to the pandemic

As you’d expect from a company that provides flexible IT solutions, we have shifted seamlessly into a full remote working model. So it’s business as usual here at Atlas Cloud. That being said, we’re always keen to hear tips on keeping remote workforces motivated and happy, so if you have any suggestions we’d love to hear from you.

One thing that has changed is that we’ve adapted our service offering to reflect the current immediacy required for remote working solutions.

Business Continuity as a Service

We’re able to help companies to connect remotely to their on-premise machines using any device that they may have with them at home. We can achieve this in a matter of days and, while it’s a fairly rudimentary solution compared to the cloud-based services we normally sell, it gives companies looking for an immediate, low-commit option the chance to get up and running without having to assess the benefits of the cloud at short notice.

More information:

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Standard for Azure

A solution more aligned to our core business, CVAD Standard for Azure allows for the rapid provisioning of virtual Windows desktops and all necessary applications within Microsoft Azure. Instead of accessing office-based PC’s remotely, businesses are able to connect to virtual apps and desktops that they can take with them wherever they go and access on any device. A vastly more scalable and future-proof model, CVAD Standard for Azure can be delivered at scale in only a couple of days more that the aforementioned remote PC access option.

More information:

A final freebie to supercharge your remote collaboration

Microsoft Teams

If you haven’t already heard of it, Teams is Microsoft’s answer to Slack, Zoom and – weirdly – their own Skype. It has seen rapid growth in recent months and we’ve been using it internally for quite some time. It can replace many other applications and help bring things into a single, slick, central collaboration hub.

We’re pleased to announce that Atlas Cloud can offer 6 months FREE licencing for Microsoft Teams right now, with a very generous 1,000 license per company limit.

More information:

In summary, if you’re feeling overawed with the size of the task facing you in the wake of Covid-19, drop Atlas Cloud a note and our technical experts will call you to help get your business back on track. Alternatively give us a call on 0191 250 5222.

We’re also hosting a webinar regarding the rapidly deployable solutions discussed in this blog and the Microsoft Teams offer. We’d love for you to join us, the details are below:

On-Demand Webinar: Rapid Deployment Solutions for Remote Working
Recorded Date: Thursday 2nd April @ 11am – 12pm GMT

About The Author

Pete joined Atlas Cloud soon after its formation to become CEO in 2012. He’s led the company through its start-up phase to become a recognised player in the managed services sector, having recently won Best Virtualisation Product at Computing’s Technology Product Awards. Fanatical about enterprise, Pete has an extensive background in business consultancy and has mentored start-up leaders for almost a decade. He holds an MBA from Durham University and is also Chairman at Newcastle Sixth Form College.

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