Cut the commute

Numbers revealed by The Telegraph show that around the UK the average commute time has risen from 48 minutes to an hour. Some individuals even have a two-hour journey into work. It’s at times like this that we cannot stress enough how beneficial the cloud is. When you’re travelling there are two main options available to you when you’re working in the cloud: work from home, or work on-the-go.

Working from home

Many people are under the impression that working from home means that they will be less productive. In reality, employees work harder from home to show that they’re capable of concentrating on their task. They’re motivated to prove that working from home, or even remotely is still a good option for them. Also, if employers allow their staff to do this, it builds trust within the relationship and will inevitably boost morale.

Working remotely

If you don’t think you’ll be productive in the house, but you really dread the commute to work, another option is to work from anywhere. As the Atlas Cloud is available via 3G and 4G connection, you can work in the park on a sunny day or set yourself up in a café. The cloud requires a low bandwidth so you can still download, upload and send files in good time using 3G and 4G connectivity.

Out of office hours

When you don’t have to worry about travelling to work you’re free to work whenever you think you may be most effective. Your agreement with your employer might be that you have to be available during work hours, but if you feel like you get your best work done later in the evening, you could look into a work-from-home policy.

To implement a full work-from-home policy, contact a member of our team to find out more about how hosted desktops can improve your work lifestyle by making it more flexible.

New Research

Our recent, nationwide research shows what can be learnt from working during lockdown. Download the report today.

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