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As a trusted managed service provider, we understand the challenges faced by small and medium-sized enterprises when it comes to cyber security.

That’s why we offer the most comprehensive Security Service Edge (SSE) solution designed specifically for businesses like yours.

What is Security Service Edge (SSE)?

SSE is an industry term for a set of technologies designed to do one thing: secure access to Internet services, regardless of a user’s location or device.

Forward-thinking business leaders are quickly beginning to consider SSE as the new way to secure their employees, and their work, in today’s working environment.

Historically, security investment centred around the office and its local network. That used to make sense as applications with important data were stored on-premise and all (or the majority of) employees were office-based.


However, today we use cloud-hosted SaaS applications to store data and employees often work outside of the office.

As the move to cloud-based applications and home-based work began to take off, VPNs were used as the solution to re-route employee website traffic back through office security before going out to the broader internet.

Today, that solution seems archaic.

While it kept work safe; in driving terms, it would be like going from London to Manchester via Newcastle.

SSE brings office-level security to all workers, regardless of location or device, without any clunky workarounds. Talk to us if you’re keen to assess whether SSE is right for your organisation. 


An emerging security solution designed for modern corporate needs.


Security without compromise, no matter the location or device.


Users love SSE solutions as they aren't held back by clunky security workarounds.



Jon Dudgeon

CEO and Co-Founder

Blu Sky Chartered Accountants

“I hadn’t heard about Security Service Edge before but it’s really helped de-risk our business, keeping our client data safe in today’s environment.”

Comprehensive Managed Security SOLUTION

We work with leading provider Cisco to provide a comprehensive solution at a price point that SMEs find valuable.

what's in the sse box?

Cloud Access Security Broker

Helps to map authorised and unauthorised cloud usage, use to whitelist and/or blacklist applications as appropriate.

Example use:

Prevent employees from saving company files to their own personal cloud storage systems (e.g. Dropbox). 

Zero Trust Network Access

Provide secure remote access to SaaS applications. Verify users, their access rights and device security every time. 

Example use:

Only provide access to key applications (like Salesforce, Bullhorn, Sage, etc.) to actual employees, not criminals trying to impersonate them. 

Data loss prevention

Monitor and block sensitive data movements from anywhere. Get alerts of potential leaks or abnormal file transfers.
Example use:

Block (or be alerted about) an employee downloading large volumes of data from a SaaS-based application like Salesforce. 

Cloud-Delivered Firewall

Bridge the security gap between office locations and remote or roaming employees.

Example use:

Add a layer of protection to users, like you would an office-based firewall, to users in any location.

Secure Web Gateway

Logs and inspects your organization’s web traffic, filtering based on known security threats. 

Example use:

Protect users from coming across web-based malware and enforce regulatory compliance.

DNS Security Layer

A modern way of delivering a foundational security layer.

Example use:

Provide fast and dependable connectivity to the web, the cloud, and private apps.

Stay One Step Ahead of Threats

Our SSE solution is designed for SMEs. It combines cutting-edge, yet affordable, technology with Atlas Cloud’s expert management to safeguard your network, data, employees and (ultimately) your organisation’s reputation.

Official Government data shows 1 in 3* UK businesses suffered a cyber attack in the last 12 months, do you have an adequate solution to protect roaming workers?

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Don’t leave your hybrid business vulnerable to cyber threats. Contact Atlas Cloud for a 121 education session on Security Servicce. 

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