Embrace collaboration with hosted Office 365


Power users need the ability to collaborate simply and securely. The option to host their business-critical applications in one secure platform can enable workers to enhance their project work. It seems everyone is embracing hosted technology from accountants to construction project managers.

With digital transformation being at the forefront of any modern organisation, taking your critical applications into a managed cloud environment can provide a quick fix to the most common problems workers are facing.

  1. No more file duplication

By taking Office 365 into the cloud, workers have access to the exact files they would if they were in the office. The need to email files from your local device to your personal device is now removed as all files are stored securely over the internet. In terms of collaboration, this means all workers will have access to one live version of the truth.

  1. Online and offline working

Although Office 365 is accessed with internet connectivity, you don’t always need to be online to work efficiently. In a perfect world, we would have a 4G connection regardless of the location. Collaborators are likely to meet up out of the office to exchange thoughts and with this, there’s no guarantee that WiFi will be available. With Office 365 in the cloud, documentation can still be accessed with no internet connectivity as changes will simply be synced up later when the connection is restored.

  1. Integrated processes

As all the maintenance is taken care of by an award-winning technical support team, workers no longer need to be concerned with ongoing individual updates. Instead, they have peace of mind knowing that they’re always making use of the latest version of critical applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Office 365 is the starting point on your journey into the cloud. We are offering a free demo of the full Office 365 suite in our secure cloud platform. Get your free demo today by getting in contact with our friendly sales team.

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