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Yesterday (22nd May) I had the pleasure of attending the Digital Disruption event hosted by Accenture and Dynamo. Guest speakers included Charlie Hoult from Dynamo and Mark Larsen from Accenture.

The event was held at Hoult’s Yard (owned by Charlie Hoult) just off the Newcastle Quayside:

Hoult's Yard 2

Hoult's Yard 1

The aim of the event was to review the technology in Newcastle and see how we can improve. Digital leaders from across the UK came to discuss the advancement of technology and how we can all pull together to start making Newcastle a smart and socially inclusive city.

There was one big issue that was brought to light during the panel Q&A session and this was the delay in technological evolution in the public sector. A lack of funding and allocated staff has caused the technology resources to decrease and this is seen as a major problem for businesses in the health, transport, and education systems.

A solution to this issue was proposed by the panel who stated that the public sector businesses cannot afford to lead or take risks when it comes to advancing their own technology and may need to partner with private sector businesses in order to move with the times more efficiently.

By the year 2050, the hope is that all cities around the UK will be technologically advanced and will make use of the best technology and that any town that is currently deprived of technology will have improved substantially.

I’m especially looking forward to seeing what comes of the discussions in the future and seeing which plans are implemented.

Look out for more Dynamo hosted events across the UK, such as this Office 365 Durham event, and stay up-to-date with the newest developments in technology.

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