Event | G4C: The Current Demands of The Industry

The team at Atlas attended the Generation 4 Change: The Current Demands of the Industry event which was held at Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle. There were bacon sandwiches and endless cups of coffee at the ready to fuel inspiring discussions.

With the Government BIM level 2 mandate approaching on April 4th, a handful of North East BIM experts were invited to speak and share their experience.


The challenges arising through BIM were also discussed, with collaboration being a focal point. Laura Brown from Bowmer and Kirkley expressed her view that BIM should not replace communication, instead, it should encourage workers to communicate more. This view was also backed by Natacha Redon from Identity Consult, who spoke from personal experience about how the different levels of understanding can cause restrictions to productivity.


An issue also raised was that many adopting BIM struggle with the cultural change that comes with it. This was brought to attention by Dave Monswhite from Turner & Townsend, who emphasised the positive impact BIM can have if we work together collectively. His opinion linked heavily to the overall message of the event which was that we, together, are the generation for change.


Everyone agreed that the major advantage of BIM was the increase in productivity, which is something we emphasise here at Atlas Cloud. Pete Watson, our CEO, also discussed the technological side of things and how this can help with the collaboration and communication issue.

In addition to this, it was agreed that BIM improved design, cost, time and field.

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