Event | Help us raise £100,000 for 83,000 homeless children

Byte Night team fundraising

Over 83,000 children are sleeping on the streets. 1 in 7 of those children have been physically or sexually abused and, of those children, 1 in 3 will go on to commit suicide.

To add to our list of events, and in sharp contrast from the office massage day, on 6th October, team members from Atlas Cloud will be giving up their warm, comfortable beds for one night to sleep rough to raise money for these young, vulnerable children.

Action for Children has been helping homeless children for well over a century. Now it’s your turn.

Your money will go straight towards helping children receive accommodation, education and the support they deserve.

Byte Night 2016

As little as £3 helps a hungry child. £5 can provide emergency overnight support. £10 could go towards a therapy session for an abused child.

The Atlas Cloud team has participated in a number of fundraising events over the past year in the hopes of raising £100,000 for the North East.

Byte Night cycle

Please sponsor us to support Action for Children in their efforts to end homelessness in the UK by following the link below:


New Research

Our recent, nationwide research shows what can be learnt from working during lockdown. Download the report today.

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