Event | Improving employee happiness with an office massage day

Our employees are what makes Atlas, Atlas. So we thought that a sports massage would be a great way to reward our office workers for their hard work.

Massage table

As most of the team are physically active throughout the week, participating in sports like jiu-jitsu, competitive running and CrossFit, we thought a sports massage would be hugely beneficial. Sports massages are known to reduce stress, improve efficiency and prevent further injuries.

Each member of the team had a 20-minute session for their massage.

We asked a few members of the team what they thought of the Office Massage Day and they described it as “fantastic idea” and have agreed they would like it to become a monthly occurrence.

We are keen to provide our workers with the encouragement they need to keep doing a good job. As well as massage days we also have a company book club, an annual bike ride, themed days and nights out.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Ross Gladwin for coming into the office and making our Friday even better.

Current events can be accessed through this link or you may be interested in finding out more about Symetri’s event

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