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As a recognised partner of Symetri, our CEO Pete Watson attended their Future of British Manufacturing events over the summer. The events held in Aberdeen, Rotherham and Newcastle, enabled those working within the manufacturing sector to gain a better insight into how the future of manufacturing will be shaped by innovative transformations.

The manufacturing sector is responsible for 20% of global innovation and employs 1 in 8 of the total global workforce. With these statistics, it’s important that events like Symetri’s are delivered to demonstrate how to improve efficiency through modernisation of the sector.


Pete was one of the key note speakers who delivered an informative session on how technology, innovation and digitalisation are key for the future of manufacturing. Pete focused on how Atlas Cloud can host and deliver business critical applications in a secure cloud platform to enable real-time contribution to documentation, designs and communications on the shop-floor to streamline the processes between the floor workers and those in the office.


Atlas Cloud’s hosting of Symetri’s solutions was demonstrated on an iPad during the events.

A few members of the Atlas Cloud team joined Pete in Newcastle where the event was held at the Aviation College. They had the opportunity to attend the breakout sessions – one of which was in an actual aeroplane. The innovation session was insightful and used case studies of businesses who have already driven the change in processes through innovative ideas and technology.

3With real-life examples and product samples, the event engaged attendees to consider how their organisation is currently driving the change in IT modernisation to provide more efficient workforces.
Overall, it sparked inspiration as to how organisations can start driving innovation today to keep up with the evolving sector. The events were informative and entertaining. We look forward to future events with Symetri.

What is The Future of British Manufacturing Initiative?

As we enter a new industrial era, British manufacturing has an opportunity to place itself at the centre of this disruption and once again become a driving force in this 4th industrial revolution. But the traditional approaches to competitive advantage are no longer enough, particularly for SME’s. That’s why we’re delighted to be launching the Future of British Manufacturing initiative together with our key industry partners who all share this passion for manufacturing. It’s a hands-on approach to enabling British Design and Manufacturing companies to respond to the challenges of things like Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. Our objective is to enable British Manufacturers to Design, Make and Sell Great British Products everywhere through a truly agile product innovation platform that increases productivity, innovation and delivers what we like to think of as repetitive advantage.

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With over 300 skilled employees and 100,000 daily users across Northern Europe, Symetri provides its clients with expert guidance covering everything from 3D modelling and simulation to Product Lifecycle Management, Building Information Modelling and Facility Management.

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