Finding your perfect IT match

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Trying to find the right Managed Service Provider can be a little bit like trying to find a significant other. The task can seem a little bit daunting, and sometimes overwhelming but if you set your own standards and approach searching for an MSP like you would your ideal partner, you might just find the perfect match.


Let’s get the big point out of the way. It’s always awkward trying to come to a compromise with money with your significant other. What’s the split in the rent? Does that include utilities? How are you going to split the car usage? Expense is always a touchy subject, both personally and professionally, especially if the bottom line is you can’t afford what you want. This isn’t necessarily a make or break situation as you can always hash out the details and come to an agreement that suits you both. It’s all about compromise.

What do you want?

Imagine you’re speed-dating. You need to find out as much information about the person in front of you in 2 minutes. Quick – write down what you would ask.

Apply this same theory to finding the right MSP. Ask every question you can think of and gather the results. Don’t be fooled into thinking the decision must be made at the end of the two minutes. However, understand that time spent on local desktops is limited and the cloud computing world is developing quickly. If you take too long to decide, you may be that friend who sits awkwardly between couples at parties.

Size matters

Err on the side of caution – don’t get into bed with an MSP who promises the best service in the world only for you to discover that they can’t come through on everything they promised. Make sure they can cater to your needs. Once you’re sure, you can seal the deal. Conversely, don’t lead them on and demo every application in the cloud, only to break the news that they’re not the one for you. It’s not good business, and it damages relationships. Be open, talk about the issues and settle on terms that you’re both happy with.

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