How Disaster Recovery will save your customer service

Customer Service

What would happen if your entire email application was completely inaccessible right before you were about to close a lead? Having 24/7 access to data and applications is now crucial for modern businesses. It’s not enough to ensure IT is up and running exclusively during business hours.

And with the rise in cyber threats, it’s now time businesses prime their data storage and accessibility before an incident does occur.

Customer service representatives and sales leaders need to be on the ball when an outage does occur. But, how can they do this if all of their applications are currently on lockdown and data has been compromised?

You can never prepare too much when it comes to customer needs. Disaster Recovery needs to be implemented to ensure a robust platform for businesses to save, back up and recover their business-critical applications and data in order to maintain communication with customers and partners.

Continual communication

When downtime occurs, it is crucial that customers and partners are still able to communicate with the organisation. It’s not good enough to put everything on hold whilst IT attempts to deal with the issue. Employees need to have the ability to respond to emails around the clock, regardless of the issues the organisation’s technology is having.

With cloud-hosted DRaaS, you can be up and running within 10 minutes with data recovered from the last 12 seconds before the outage occurred, meaning downtime is minimal and customers are still able to reach you.

Protect your reputation

Downtime can cause much more than just a financial strain on the business – the longer-term reputational costs of downtime could be disastrous. Partners and customers alike could lose trust in a business if it cannot meet basic obligations. By opting for a DRaaS solution, organisations will face minimal downtime and still have access to business-critical applications that keep communications afloat.

Prevent losing to your competition

The rise in online interaction and social media is enabling consumers to go more public than ever with their experiences with a certain brand. And as research is one of the first steps of the buyer’s journey, it’s crucial that businesses are known to the public in a good light. If not, potential customers could be deflected to their competitors.

With Atlas Cloud’s Disaster Recovery solution powered by Zerto, businesses will never lose crucial data again thanks to our Recover Point Objective (RPO) of 12 seconds. Customer’s confidence with your solution will be intact and this provides organisations with a unique competitive edge.

Ensure compliance, win more leads

66% of organisations fall under compliance such as HIPAA, SOX and the upcoming changes to GDPR. Downtime can be harmful to businesses that are required to meet these regulations. Customers are looking for an organisation that can meet their demands in terms of the product and the storage of their data.

By having a strategy to disaster recovery that provides organisations with premium customer service regardless of downtime, they will be 100% confident in the product you are delivering.

How to implement a Disaster Recovery solution

At Atlas, we have created a revolutionary solution to protect businesses and their apps and data. Organisations then have a business focused inflatable DRaaS platform. The platform takes a pre-agreed set of the most important applications and makes them accessible in the form of a Hosted Desktop on any device, anywhere in the case of a disaster.

Want more information on how to protect your business from a technology blackout? Contact us today.


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