How medium-sized law firms can gain competitive advantage with cloud tech

Competitive advantage for medium-sized law firms

People, process and technology are the fundamental elements for any efficient business.  However, as medium-sized law firms increasingly compete for the same pool of clients with large law firms, it’s the ‘process and technology’ elements that are giving smaller law firms a competitive edge.

The latest advancements in technology are levelling the playing field. There is an opportunity for any sized law firm to embrace digital change within their firm for the better. In an industry that has traditionally been less than efficient, smaller organisations have the upper hand when it comes to cloud adoption. They have minimum IT kit and documentation is more than likely stored physically rather than digitally, making the migration to the cloud smoother. For larger law firms, they have the chore of combing through their existing IT systems before integrating all current software into one unified platform that can then be presented in the form of a hosted desktop.

Traditionally, larger employee numbers were necessary to accomplish tasks. Now, leaner numbers can enhance their working abilities with tools that aid the automation of document management, increasing client demands and collaborative working methods. The improvement of these processes allow for scale that was not achievable for medium-sized firms with the use of traditional technology. The requirement for new technologies is reflected with 67% of CEOs agreeing that their organisation must become significantly more digitised to maintain its competitiveness

The implementation of a hosted desktop approach to IT would see improvements in all aspects of the legal process. From the first point of contact with a client to the end of a case. Documentation is secure, staff have always-on access and the decision-makers can appreciate a reduction in cost, both in terms of travel expense and IT hardware, staff and updates. It ha been calculated that businesses could potentially save £493 per user per year, resulting in a £123,455 saving over 5 years. You can get a free cost estimation quote here with our interactive cost calculator.

The risk ahead is for the firms that fail to innovate. Without the adoption of basic technology tools, they’ll not be able to compete with efficiency and turnaround for their clients. Hosted technology from a managed service provider frees legal firms of IT induced headaches whilst enabling to staff to improve productivity by 20%. If you’re interested in trying out the Atlas Cloud platform, do not hesitate to contact us today for your free demo.

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