How remote working improves your productivity

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The cloud allows any worker to convert their home into an office. How? All files, data, apps, and emails are stored within the cloud platform only accessible with your username, password and Internet connectivity. You can easily pick up where you left off in the office meaning there’s no disruption to workflow. Instead, productivity can be increased, here’s how:

Remote workers do not feel the need to take time off for the likes of illness or appointments. When the winter cold strikes, it spreads frustration throughout the office, a constant sniffle echoing from one desk to another, colleagues worrying about whether they’re going to catch it, wanting to turn the heating on full blast… the list is endless. This often causes employees to take time off despite the fact they are mentally well enough to work. By working remotely, you can cough, sneeze and sniffle all day long whilst getting your work done at the pace you want. When it comes to appointments, simply log off when you need to go and continue making up the hours when you’re home. This is also hugely beneficial to those with childcare commitments, the necessity of being able to pick up kids from the school can put minds at ease knowing you have the ability work and be a parent at once.

Many people have the common misconception that because you’re at home, you will not be able to concentrate exclusively on the task at hand. However, by eliminating distractions such as office conversations, phone calls, and meetings, you are able to focus solely on what needs doing. Even though you are at home, your mindset needs to be at work for this to be effective.

Sometimes we fail to meet deadlines, we’re human. There is nothing worse than not getting a task complete that needs handing in first thing Monday morning. With the cloud, you can work as much as you want wherever you want. Of course, it’s essential to have a break from tasks and wind down, but this can be hard to do when the stress of deadlines approaching is running around in your mind. This alone can remove any aspect of downtime from your weekend. Instead, you can log on, complete any tasks and relaaaaaax.

Another huge disadvantage of working in an office is the requirement to commute. Not only is this costly, it’s time wasted. It is thought that the average time spent commuting is 54.6 minutes, a 5-minute rise since 2003. Resulting in a grand total of 4.5 days in a year going to and from work. This time could easily be spent working towards a group project or even just replying to crucial emails. By working remotely, you can enjoy the easiness of waking up and already being in your work environment. No commuting. No stress.

The cloud is enabling workers to choose how, where and when they want to work. It’s easy for business leaders to assume, however, that because employees are not physically in the office, they’re not doing work. It’s important to build a remote working policy based on trust and results, not on presence.

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