How the cloud can enable mobility

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As the lifestyle of workers continues to change it’s essential that technology is able to meet the demands of this modernised work ethic. The increased need of mobility is moving from our day-to-day applications to our professional life.

The increase in collaborative work sees mobility to be a requirement within each work sector but enterprises are lacking the abilities to allow this.

The cloud allows for cost-effective technology which is able to adapt to meet the demands of any worker and any industry. Here are just a few examples of how cloud computing can mobilise any industry:


In April this year, the construction industry was pushed into the digital world. The UK Government’s aim is to reduce waste in construction by 20% by requiring all publicly-funded construction work to be undertaken by using BIM level 2. Those in the AEC industry needed to update the way they plan, design and store project work.

The cloud allows applications and tablets to work seamlessly together making it the new norm for the AEC industry to leave files at the office and work whilst on-site. This enables any location to be an office which is hugely beneficial due to the demand of multiple project locations.

Read Atlas Cloud’s AEC success stories here.


For those working in the financial industry, you will be aware of the demand for better customer experience. As a result, the way consumers decide to bank their money is shifting to mobile with 67 percent of millennials now using mobile banking. The ability to do this relies on applications being readily available from the cloud, with continual updates of each individuals banking information.

You can now check your balance, set up savings accounts and transfer money to your phone contacts quickly and easily. This eliminates the need for cheque books or waiting in never-ending queues at your local branch.

In terms of security concerns – all the data related to your mobile banking account meet security regulations and compliances thanks to the cloud providing the highest bank grade security.

Could banks become extinct due to the cloud and applications removing the need for a physical banking facility?

“Banking is essential, banks are not”- Bill Gates, 1994


Like the financial industry, consumers are constantly striving for a better experience, specifically mobile experience.

The development of apps to purchase goods is making it even easier for consumers to shop. This has also proven to be a good way of saving money with exclusive discount codes being offered to app users.

The cloud enables any retail business to offer a more streamlined and flexible shopping experience. The cloud can be used to create a seamless PoS experience. Retail staff can now access information to offer their customers whatever assistance they need resulting in no need to “check the back room” as all stock information is visible and updated via synchronised mobile devices.

Of course, these are only a few ways the cloud is enabling mobility. If you’d like to find out how the cloud could benefit you and your industry, contact us today.

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