How to Increase Workplace Productivity

Looking into workplace productivity is the easiest way to gage how efficient your business is, and where you may be miss-stepping. Low workplace productivity leads to low profitability, low morale and, fundamentally, an unsuccessful business.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options available, to improve focus and make the most of your business potential. Read on to find out how to improve your business productivity, and how cloud software can help you improve the efficiency, and profitability, of your business.


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Why workplace productivity is important

Good workplace productivity translates into a myriad of company-wide benefits. A productive workplace generates better customer service and consequently customer loyalty; your company can achieve its growth and financial goals, and the people at the heart of the business are happy and motivated. So, what can we do to improve productivity?

Unfortunately, in response to low productivity, it is not uncommon for managers to put in place strict benchmarks or new measures that can monitor how their employees are spending their time. However, these sorts of measures lead to low morale, less efficiency and a general feeling of distrust between employer and employee. To make matters worse, an unproductive workplace amplifies the impact of downtime and makes it that much harder to get back on your feet following a crisis.

There’s a clear demand for managers and business owners alike to employ effective workplace productivity solutions that can improve efficiency without hurting employee morale.

How to improve workplace productivity

Whether it’s self-imposed deadlines or stand-up meetings, traditional productivity boosters aren’t doing enough to maximise efficiency. In fact, there’s evidence for us to believe they don’t make much of an impact at all. Managers need to invest in workplace productivity software before inefficiency drains their profits, their resources and their staff.

Below, we have listed our top workplace productivity tips. Read on to find out how you can boost efficiency, and orchestrate a workplace that runs like clockwork, and how cloud software solutions can help.

Reduce workplace restrictions

Striking the balance between work and home life can be a challenge for employees. So much of a challenge, in fact, that struggling to find a happy medium can have a significant impact on employee morale. For businesses who are still using on-premise software, it’s time to consider remote working through hosted desktops.

Remote working allows employees to work from home, giving them flexible working hours that can fit around their personal life. Being trapped in a routine with no sense of freedom can make staff feel uninspired, and experience difficulty concentrating. This is why mobile working is continuously increasing in popularity, as it tackles one of the biggest workplace productivity issues.

Make a start on this workplace productivity solution by devising a work from home policy that can give employees the freedom they crave! By investing in a cloud platform that allows people to access their files safely and securely, even when they’re out of office, you’re valuing your employees’ personal lives and improving productivity.

Prevent disaster before it strikes, and eliminate any down-time

Imagine coming to work one day to find an outage or virus has swallowed all of your company’s files. Would you have a recovery system in place? Storing your data on local hard drives or in filing cabinets makes your business vulnerable to everything from floods to power-cuts and theft. The consequential down-time can dismantle productivity for days and sometimes even weeks.

Backing up your files and disaster-proofing is crucial to keep your business productive in the face of down-time. The best way to disaster-proof your business is by investing in cloud hosting. Disaster recovery is offered by most cloud service providers, and this service ensures all data can be restored quickly and easily in an emergency. Disaster recovery not only reduces down-time, but minimises any existing down-time with the expert support of a cloud provider. With cloud hosting, your business’ productivity isn’t disrupted by disaster.




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Prevent disaster before it strikes, and eliminate any down-time

IT maintenance can be a huge strain on resources. From hiring the staff to provide IT support, to down-time spent on updates and mitigating day-to-day IT issues. On-premise solutions demand regular maintenance, and this maintenance swallows-up employee time and hinders productivity.

Take maintenance off your to-do list. If you were to choose a cloud provider, any potential threats are spotted ahead of time. You will also have access to constant support who can handle any IT issues or queries. In terms of cost and risk management, this will prove a huge advantage. While your cloud provider is taking care of IT support, you and your staff can make the most of the working day without interruption.

Be mindful of where you’re wasting budget

Wasted budget chips away at your business’ productivity. No matter how hard your team works, or how efficient you may seem on the surface, a wasteful and poorly used budget will hold your business back from achieving its true potential.

For example, you may invest in the best technology that’s fit for purpose. Yet when it comes to scaling up these costs consuming unnecessarily large chunks of budget with a comparatively smaller return. Dodge splurging money on equipment by looking into Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). This model allows businesses to avoid wastage and only pay for what you use. Thereby you get the most out of your budget without compromising on productivity.

If you’re keen to super-charge your business productivity, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to arrange a free demo or to discuss what cloud hosted software can do for your business.


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