How to make tech cost-effective for your business

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It’s no secret that businesses are often hesitant to diving into tech head first. Known for its relatively high costs and need for continual updates it’s often thought that implementing a full technology strategy can be costly.

Businesses will forever be looking for ways to cut down on costs. This often means IT departments suffer from limited devices for staff and very minimal technical support.

However, there is a way to include tech within your organisation in a cost friendly way.

Cloud computing allows businesses to be fully kitted out with technical support on hand whenever it’s needed. Here are 5 ways the cloud can allow for cost-effective tech in your business:


All data, apps, and emails are stored in the cloud meaning all you need to do to access them is log into the cloud. This allows businesses to opt for BYOD strategies- which is becoming the norm within enterprises as Gartner predicts that 50% of employees will be required to carry out work on their own devices by 2017. BYOD is the concept of using the likes of tablets, laptops and even mobile phones within the workplace to carry out tasks effectively.

An advantage of implementing a BYOD strategy is that employee devices will be maintained by the individuals, removing the need for additional IT staff to run frequent software updates.

The option to use personally preferred devices has resulted in 49% of users being more productive. A productive workspace is a profitable one. So, not only do BYOD strategies remove the need for businesses to splurge by kitting out their offices, it also improves employee satisfaction and productivity.


By choosing a cloud service provider, you will also be provided with a technical support team ready to answer and solve any queries or issues.

This is a major benefit in terms of cost effectiveness as the need to recruit new IT staff with cloud knowledge is completely eliminated. Instead, your support is included in your monthly subscription price with additional work being charged as and when you need it.

Atlas Cloud’s award-winning technical support team is UK based and are there to help throughout the day.


The cloud allows access to your data no matter where you are simply with a WiFi connection. This means the need to have a physical office location is removed and so is the need to pull out large amounts of the budget for rent.

Workers are able to collaborate and communicate from the comforts of their own home on their personal devices.


If businesses still require a physical office location, it can be cost effective. Most cloud service providers will offer the relevant kit at a per-user-per-month price plan, meaning you only pay for what you use. Instead of purchasing a full office worth of desktops and hardware you can simply rent it from the service provider. This allows for a scalable, cost-effective way to provide the office with crucial devices.

An employee leaves? Simply return the kit. No money lost.


In the majority of roles within an organisation, software is required for their tasks to be carried out effectively. For designers, they require the likes of Photoshop whilst architects require the likes of ARCHICAD. Both of which require licenses to use.

These licenses are often costly and require to be renewed every so often. With cloud service providers, this is all taken care of. Your apps are ready to go as soon as set up is complete.

If you’re interested in how your business can use tech in a cost friendly way, then do not hesitate to contact us.

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