How vulnerable does your organisation look to cyber attackers?

Posted: 16th Dec 2021
If you don’t know the answer to that question then now is definitely the time to find out. Luckily, Atlas Cloud’s latest service, Cyber Audit X, looks to do just that. Plus, for a limited time only you can get a free mini-audit to discover the scale of the issues your organisation faces.
With 39% of organisations* identifying a data breach or cyber-attack in the last 12 months it’s easy to see why IT teams are stretched beyond their limits. The exponential rise of ransomware attacks is certainly not helping matters. Just keeping up with patching of appliances and software alone is exhausting. Unfortunately, Cyber Criminals don’t care how tired IT teams are, in fact it plays into their hands. Overstretched IT teams cannot possibly keep an eye on every possible attack surface, but the fact is that somehow they must if they’re to be successful in thwarting a future attack. So where do you start? Cyber Audit X is the answer.

What is Cyber Audit X?

Atlas Cloud has developed Cyber Audit X to provide overstretched IT teams with a starting point for assessing the gaps in their cyber security. Carried out by one of our experienced team under a strict NDA, Cyber Audit X imitates the external scanning performed by cyber criminals to determine just how easy an organisation would be to infiltrate. The results of the Cyber Audit X scan are presented back in an easy-to-follow report with clear remediating actions outlined for each vulnerability discovered. Each issue is graded in terms of severity and an overall Cyber Security rating is provided as a guide as to how much your cyber security can be improved.

Why do you need it?

Cyber Criminals are pretty non-discriminatory when it comes to choosing their victims. In the past they would go after the big fish in search of lucrative pay outs. Nowadays, they’re not too concerned about the size of their victims, happy to target those that they deem the most vulnerable. 38% of micro- to small-sized businesses and 65% of medium-sizes businesses identified attacks last year*. Organisations can also be vulnerable in many different ways – we’re not just talking poor cyber security. If your organisation can’t afford to have operations disrupted, or if there will be a societal impact, then you’ll be earmarked as a worthwhile target. It’s a cross-sector problem that’s running the entire gamut of industry.

Cyber Audit X is a preventative measure, saving you from the cost, operational disruption, and reputational damage associated with cyber security breach. When it comes to cyber security it pays to be pro-active rather than re-active because one thing’s for sure, you will be attacked at some point.

“In 2021, it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” your organisation will be attacked.”

Pete Watson - CEO, Atlas Cloud

How do you know it’ll be worthwhile?

The simple answer is, because we’ll prove it. From now until the end of January 2022 we’re offering free micro-audits so that you can see just how many vulnerabilities your organisation has. We’ll spend 15 minutes scanning your organisation and 15 minutes putting a micro-report together. By the end of that you’ll have a pretty good idea of the scale of your problems. If you want to then commission a full Cyber Audit X with detailed remediating actions, it’s up to you. What’s more the remediations can be carried out by your own internal team or outsourced to our expert engineers. There’s absolutely no tie-in and the information is yours to do with whatever you see fit.

Book your free mini-audit today!

Book your free mini-cyber audit today and take the first step to plugging the gaps in your cyber defences. Visit our Cyber Audit X page to learn more, speak to one of our consultants, or book in your mini-audit. We look forward helping you on the path to cyber security enlightenment.
*Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2021

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