Introducing our event: Moving to a Hybrid Workplace Strategy

Posted: 6th Jan 2021
A virtual event for business leaders looking to plan ahead for the ‘new normal’ in advance of lockdown restrictions easing.

Nobody enjoyed the year 2020 but it taught us a lot about modern working.

For centuries, work has been centred around the workplace. While some worked remotely, it was niche. 2020 was the year it was widely adopted.

And we liked it. Or, at least, aspects of it.

Certain tasks are easier without office distractions but, really, sometimes not having to commute is just much nicer. And cheaper.

And the office has benefits too. Not just socially, but aspects of collaboration and culture play a big part too.

The obvious answer then, as you may well know, is to adopt the best of both worlds, when safe to do so. Which, according to the UK Government, could be as soon as Easter.

Our nationwide research from back in August shows people want to go hybrid post-Covid and countless more studies after have validated it.

It might not be so easy

While overall a switch to hybrid working is likely to be highly beneficial, there are possible implications that will need addressing.

A long-term distributed workforce will impact company culture, productivity, human resourcing, cyber security and more.

As an IT services company that has always focused on helping to “enable great work from anywhere”, we want to help companies make the hybrid transition a seamless one.

Which is why we’re launching our virtual event: Moving to a Hybrid Workplace Strategy.

The event for business leaders looking to plan ahead for the new normal and create a successful long-term hybrid workplace.

We have lots more to announce over the coming weeks but you can signup or view more today.

About The Author

Ben is passionate about technology that enables people to work more productively and collaboratively from anywhere in the world. He’s a karaoke king and an avid explorer, despite the fact that every holiday he takes seems to end in disaster.

New Research

Our recent, nationwide research shows what can be learnt from working during lockdown. Download the report today.

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