| How 2020 transformed the way we work forever

The year of the modern-day pandemic taught us so much, including even how we work. Now, 2021 looks set to be the year hybrid working – a combination of home and office working – became the workplace norm.

Here’s our roundup of how the model gained traction over 2020.

The 3 Stages

How the Hybrid Workplace Came About

The concept of a hybrid workplace has had a rapid inception since Covid-19 swept the world. However, it is the end result of lessons learned and realisations rather than a decision that companies instantly arrived at. 

It really came about in 3 stages, starting with lockdown-enforced home working.

Stage 1


During lockdown, we realised the benefits of home working. 

Goodbye commute, hello personal time.

Stage 2


Months in, we remembered the importance of leaving the house.

We missed the ability to socialise and collaborate in person.

Stage 3


As restrictions eased, the answer became obvious.

Split working time between the home and the office.



| Make a frictionless transition to mixed home/office working

If hybrid working is the long-term future, there are long-term challenges to address. Implications across cyber security, productivity, collaboration, human resourcing, office design and so much more will begin to crop up.

Atlas Cloud have been helping companies work securely and productively from anywhere for over a decade now and we are delighted to team up with experts from other fields to help define the hybrid workplace blueprint.


A roundup of analysts and bodies predicting, forecasting and calling for a move to hybrid working.

17th Mar 2021

Capita tells 35,000 staff they can work where they like (including call centre staff)

Jon Lewis, Capita’s boss, said that the group’s call centre staff no longer need to be based in a single location and revealed the business is shifting to a ‘hybrid’ work model.

15th Mar 2021

BoE boss Bailey expects a permanent shift to 'hybrid working'

Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey told BBC Radio 4 that he predicts a permanent change as habits and practices are proved to be sustainable, as reported in City AM.

15th Mar 2021

BBC: 'Hybrid working will become the norm'

Working from home some of the time, or hybrid working, will become “the norm” for many companies after the pandemic, says global workspace provider IWG – as reported by the BBC.

18th Feb 2021

Atlas Cloud & The Times: Half of staff would quit if denied flexible working

Our research finds half of employees say that they would consider looking for a new job if their bosses do not allow flexible working after lockdown.

15th Feb 2021

Spotify to employees: If you want to work from another country, go for it

The tech form to also reassess its office space as it introduces permanent flexible-working options for employees.

31st Jan 2021

Forbes rounds up key employers adopting hybrid working

Hubspot, Ford, Google, Microsoft, Nationwide, Reddit, Simens and Sales force all cited as permanently adopting hybrid working. 

6th Dec 2020

KPMG preparing for a future of ‘hybrid working’

As part of a new hybrid working model, the accountancy firm expects to downsize its offices and invest £44m in facilitating greater collaboration as well as new home working technology.

6th Dec 2020

Aviva to close offices for Hybrid Workplace push

The 16,000 employee investment company plans to rotate staff between homes and the office. 

6th Dec 2020

Financial Times calls for hybrid office introduction

The FT assumes hybrid working is here to stay and discusses how to design a hybrid office.

3rd Dec 2020

Hybrid working deemed “key to economic recovery”

Workplace Insight reports the model gives us a unique opportunity.

31st Nov 2020

WIRED predicts “the dawn of the true hybrid office”

The magazine states employers appreciate that consistent work patterns are over, with the hybrid model prevailing.

24th Nov 2020

City A.M.: Financial Services can be 93% fulfilled remotely

Research shows unanimously that work can be done from anywhere even in one of the most tightly regulated industries.

20th Nov 2020

Hybrid working believed “the preferred choice of workers now”

Gensler Research’s UK Workplace Survey shows only 12% want to work from home full time and the vast majority want hybrid working.

17th Nov 2020

Global workforce supports “rapid transition to hybrid work”

New research from JLL of over 2,000 workers from 10 different countries suggests most want to continue working from home, on average two days a week.

16th Nov 2020

Microsoft & The Times: Hybrid working “here to stay”

A report by Microsoft, published in The Times, suggests the way we work has forever changed.

6th Nov 2020

Irish workers “call for hybrid approach to remote working”

A study from Microsoft Ireland says employees want to choose when they go to the office.

30th Oct 2020

CBI predicts “widespread adoption of hybrid”

A report by the CBI suggests hybrid working will be hugely popular in 2021.

5th Oct 2020

Most have “no plans” to return to the office full time

A study by the British Council for Offices suggests office work as we know it has forever changed.

5th Oct 2020

IoD forecasts “increased home working after coronavirus”

A survey of over a thousand company directors hits at a move to a hybrid workplace.

13th Sep 2020

Welsh Gov aims for “a hybrid workplace model” for entire country

Described as a “step change in the way we work in Wales”, the Welsh Government wants to use the pandemic to drive change to work – introducing community-based remote working hubs.

13th Aug 2020

Atlas Cloud & The Times: Nationwide shift towards “more flexible working”

Research commissioned by us, published in The Times, found the benefits of working from home and that most wanted the continued ability to do so. But only a quarter wanted full-time remote working.


If you’re looking to make the move permanent, you’re in good company. The following have announced intentions for a permanent switch. 

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