Is cloud computing the future of the legal sector?

Is cloud computing the future of the legal sector?

Legal firms are starting to embrace the power of the cloud. By adopting innovative technology to ensure they can meet the challenges of the digital era more efficiently.

The legal sector is among the 60% of British businesses that have already made a move to the cloud as part of efforts to operate in a paperless environment. So, could cloud computing be the future of the legal sector? Here’s why law firms should consider new technologies:

Law firms can supercharge efficiency

It could be agreed that document management is the most important process within the legal sector. Law firms accumulate huge amounts of documentation when building a case. This documentation is not just of use on the current case, but has potential value for future cases too. Effective management of this information has the potential to win more cases and improve customer satisfaction.

Organisations need to realise that exclusively using document management software straight out of the box is not going to do the job. They need to customise this software to the organisations workflow. With cloud technology, law firms can outline their specific requirements and the managed service provider can create a tailored, state-of-the-art solution that requires little to no training for the members of staff. They can work more efficiently from the get-go and see the advantages of cloud technology almost immediately.

Compliance issues are handled by the experts

Every piece of data that enters a law firm needs to be treat with advanced levels of security. With a managed service provider, compliance measures such as GDPR and ISO 27001, are dealt with by a team of technical experts.

As those working in the legal sector deal with a lot of personal data, for both clients and anyone involved in a case, it’s crucial that they have the correct data handling processes in place. Secure cloud storage should be the foundation of any law firm as documentation is what keeps law firms afloat.

The digital plan for law firms

The Government is committed to investing more than £700 million to modernise courts and tribunals, plus over £270 million in the criminal justice system. This vision is to see the digitisation of the legal sector so that it works better for everyone, including judges and legal professionals. The paper released which discusses this outlines it involves a radical change – combining respected traditions with the enabling power of technology. Cloud technology is the bridge between traditional processes and a digital transformation for the legal sector.

Don’t just take our word for it

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