Disaster Recovery as a Service

A seamless, integrated solution for galvanising IT resilience, automating backups, and ensuring business continuity in disaster scenarios. For ultimate peace of mind.

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What is a disaster recovery service?

Disaster Recovery and business continuity go hand in hand and companies must go beyond traditional on-site data back-ups and have a disaster recovery plan.

Without a plan you are leaving your IT infrastructure open to both cyber-attacks and environmental outages (caused by fire and flooding). Even if you have a backup tape how long realistically would it take you to get servers back up and running along with your users? This downtime can be catastrophic to businesses from a loss of income and reputational damage point of view.

Having a disaster recovery solution in place helps massively reduce the impact that an outage can have on business continuity. Every business is different so we will work with you to find out what data and applications are critical to you so we can tailor everything to meet your needs.

Ensure minimal downtime and data loss with our GDPR ready disaster recovery services

Our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) powered by industry leading provider Zerto protects businesses of all sizes and ensures business continuity.

While traditional backups take a snapshot of your data once a day, our DRaaS works by continuously running sync and replication of your data, applications and virtual machines to fully automate the failover and failback process. This means in the event of an outage your data loss will be in seconds (Recovery Point Objective) and your downtime will be a maximum of 15 minutes (Recovery Time Objective).

Our Disaster Recovery solution provides total IT resilience and continuous data protection. It also offers data protection and workload mobility on-site and between hybrid and multi-clouds.

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As a leading UK disaster recovery solution provider, you can be confident you will be back online and running as normal within 15 minutes. With our Recovery Time Objective (RTO), downtime is minimised and you will see very little disruption to your day-to-day operations during a disaster.

Our Recovery Point Objective for our disaster recovery service aims to keep data loss down to a few seconds. This is achieved via the continuous sync and replication that we do. Contact us today for a free demo and to see how we can help you create an IT disaster recovery plan that’s fit-for-purpose.

We provide expert disaster recovery solutions that will ensure your business operates smoothly and efficiently. To do this, we build bespoke enterprise resources and operational planning solutions in-house, as such, each cost is dependent on the project at hand. Speak to our sales team today for an estimated cost.

You’ll receive a dedicated support team and contact number to report incidents.

Yes, our support team can assess your needs and show you a demo of our services.

Pick up from where you left off within 15 minutes.

In the event of an outage, a backup will only restore your data back to the time you last ran a backup. Whereas Disaster Recovery is a solution which is constantly syncing your data with the cloud allowing you to recover faster (as quickly as 15 minutes in some instances) with no loss of data. Also, if you’re only backing up data locally on a tape your data can be put at risk from fire or flood. Having it stored offsite removes this risk.

No, our DRaaS solution is flexible and can grow with you to ensure all your data is backed up accordingly.

Absolutely, this is something we can do for you. Just let us know what applications you’d like to include.

Anything you consider business critical can be securely backed up (files, applications, desktops etc).

No, it’s affordable regardless of the size of your company. Plus, when you add in the cost of lost data and being offline for long periods of time, having a solution which gets you back up and running in minutes just makes sense.

You’ll have access to our support team who will be able to work with you to resolve any issues straight away to minimise the impact a disaster has upon your company.

Zerto - The ultimate
IT Resilience Platform

Zerto Building Blocks

Zerto’s disaster recovery solution works using innovative Hypervisor-Based Replication technology which is made up of the following two components:

Zerto Virtual Manager (ZVM) – this manages disaster recovery and business continuity at a site level and is plugged into VMware, vCenter and/or Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager.

Virtual Replication Appliance (VRA) – this continuously replicates the virtual machines and associated virtual disks. One VRA is installed per ESXi/Hyper-V host. VRA software is automatically deployed on physical hosts.

hypervisor-based replication

Automated failover and failback

With Zerto the failover process can be done quickly in just 4 simple steps:
Once the recovery plan has been put in place it means that failover and failback can be carried out in just a few clicks. You also have the ability to roll back the failover once the disaster recovery is underway should you need to e.g. if there are any potential issues at the recovery site.

Testing made easy

Many companies are required to demonstrate the effectiveness of their disaster recovery processes in order to pass audits. In the past this has meant performing these demonstrations outside of work hours in case any disruptions were caused to users. With Zerto you can carry out failover testing in a matter of minutes at any time with specially created sandbox testing within a safe test environment. And it’s not a complicated process either as you can carry out testing with just a few clicks of the mouse!

Data recovery

Users deleting files or folders accidentally is still the most common disaster that IT managers need to address. Zerto Virtual Replication allows this process to be as painless as possible by providing the ability to recover a single file or folder up to 14 days in the past.

With the data replicated to the disaster recovery site it is easy to create an offsite of data for long-term retention should you need it for compliance.

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Not just secure, reassuringly secure.

There are two types of IT service provider.

One will do everything possible to secure the technology they’re responsible for. The other will do everything possible to keep their customers’ cyber security risks low.

Atlas Cloud is the second type of provider.

Why does that matter? Read more about us or review our case studies.

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