IT services for flexible working

Flexible working is on the rise; your information technology can help enable it.

They want it, you need it

Affordable hosted technology can help you better facilitate flexible and remote working.

You might be well aware that flexible working is widely cited as a growing concern for the modern workforce. And, like many others, you may have contemplated hiring remotely to fill key difficult-to-recruit roles.

Business leaders are beginning to turn to hosted technologies, like Hosted Desktops or Application Hosting and more, as the solution to their flexible and remote working challenges.



How do hosted
technologies work?

Moving corporate data and, in some cases, all computer processing off-site to a secure hosted environment allows employees to access all aspects of their work from anywhere in the world, using any device.

And, because data is only ever in one place (the secure hosted environment), it’s actually more secure than on-premise hosting solutions. As data is never downloaded to any individual devices, you’re limiting your data’s movement, meaning you’re reducing the risk.

From an end user’s perspective, all they have to do is log in to the hosted desktop environment through a simple-yet-secure two-factor authentication process that complies with governance – giving them access to 100% of the applications, files and any other data they might need.



Just add internet

For many, hosted technologies like Hosted Desktops and Application as a Service are the kind of IT solution that they’d consider a no-brainer. There is one catch though: Access requires an internet connection. You can, however, run full Hosted Desktops with no lag through a simple 3G connection, even on a moving train. As no data is actually transferred to the device, user’s also aren’t at risk when using public Wi-Fi hotspots either – these days, it’s difficult not to find an internet connection.

Benefits to
hosted desktops

SaaS Apps

Hosted desktops

A user’s entire Windows operating system in a secure environment that performs.

The Netflix of computing, pick up where you left off – any app, any task and any device. All through reliable hardware that doesn’t let you down and a simple-yet-secure authentication process that gives users easy access to everything.

On-Premise Apps

Hosted applications

Similar to Hosted Desktops, focusing purely on business-critical legacy applications.

Application hosting (also referred to as Application as a Service) modernises your on-premise applications. No matter how complex your app’s hardware requirements, it can give users simple-yet-secure access, using any device they wish.

Erica Kemp, Business Development Director @ Ecus

“Ecus has benefited from a 20% increase in productivity as a result of moving to a Hosted Desktop solution.”

Atlas Cloud

The modern workplace demands IT that’s both secure and flexible.

Let us demonstrate how the latest hosted technology can surpass your expectations. Managed by our award-winning engineers or by your own in-house experts.

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