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Secure and auditable IT solutions for governance, risk and compliance.

Minimising risk through technology

Information technology is integral to compliance.

You’ll no-doubt be well aware that the amount of data collected and stored by corporate IT is growing exponentially. Our responsibility for governance, risk and compliance measures are expanding with this change.

So… what can we do about this?

The answer could lie in making the most of the latest hosted technology. Becoming increasingly popular with highly-regulated industries like the legal and finance sectors – as well as early adopters across all industries – hosted technology is beginning to become mainstream, with good reason.

See the examples below or call us to learn more.

Minimising email-related risks

Despite best intentions, it’s highly likely that at least one of your system’s users will have sent the wrong kind of information as an email attachment, making that data potentially accessible to anyone.

For that reason alone, the necessary evil that is email provides a significant level of risk for many organisations. Thankfully, sophisticated email scanning layers can be added to traditional office systems like Microsoft Outlook to eradicate the risk by flagging such attachments in real-time.

Minimise email threats
Minimise unauthorised access

Minimising unauthorised access

One of the biggest problems in risk management and information technology is the storage of files and data. With so many devices across a network, it’s almost impossible to control where end users save their work, potentially making it accessible to anyone.

Cloud-hosted desktops can solve this problem, as all work and data is only ever stored in one secure hosted environment – no matter what the end user does.

Minimising unnecessary access

It’s a good step to minimise system accessibility to personnel outside of your organisation but you can increase compliance further by removing unnecessary access to employees internally.

The process of managing this becomes far easier with hosted desktops as users can easily be grouped according to department and function, allowing their access to data, files and software to be much more effective.

Door handle and open lock
Minimise unnecessary access
Minimise password threats

Decreasing password reliance

Are you concerned end users use the same password to access multiple environments? Or even just that one simple password is the entry point to far too much data? You’re not alone.

Multi-factor authentication is becoming standard across all sectors. Combined with a hosted desktop environment, you can even integrate completely separate SaaS products with your new, ultra-secure login process.

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