Making your office move easy

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So, you’ve already moved your data into the cloud, business is booming and you’re reaping the benefits of cloud computing. But you’re now starting to expand the business and you need a new office to fit all of the new staff members in. It’s time to move.

If your move to the cloud is as successful as we’ve made it for our clients, all you’ll need to re-route is your post.

No more paper

While you may be receiving post, you won’t send any. Emails are more than sufficient. And even contracts can be signed online. When you’re in the cloud, you don’t have to think about carrying across loose sheets of paper or big bulky files because you’re now paperless. With cloud computing, your files and applications are stored in our data centre, so your hosted desktop is in a secure online environment and you have total access to it when you settle into your new office. Just open your laptop at your new desk, log on and you’re good to go.

Reduce the heavy lifting

With your cloud-based IT infrastructure, you’re going to spare yourself the aching after a big office move. Sure, there may be a few desks and chairs to move but it’s nothing compared to having the freedom to move without shifting a huge server and filing cabinets (because, again, you’re paperless). And if you’re transitioning into a remote worker, you’ll have even less to move because you can work from anywhere: at home, in a café, on the train, on a park bench. The choice really is yours!

No dip in productivity

We’re big believers that your office is where you take it – which is why there won’t be a productivity gap between packing up your old office and moving into a new one. You can be online and move office without missing a beat, taking care of business critical tasks and any emergencies. You can use any portable device with an internet connection to stay on top of your work responsibilities so nothing falls through the cracks.

It’s completely possible to move to the cloud when you’re about to move office. Just ask our technical team about this by contacting them on 0191 283 0191, or email

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