Microsoft Awards Atlas Cloud Gold Partner Status

Posted: 29th Jun 2021
Atlas Cloud achieves ‘Gold’ partnership status with Microsoft. Find out what that means for us, and what that could mean for you…

This week, Atlas Cloud celebrates its eleventh anniversary. Since founding, our mission has not changed: Help people do great work from anywhere.

Our long-standing mission and along with our acclaimed research on the future of work make us well-placed to apply technology solutions to the new world of hybrid working.

Additionally, with their popular 365 suite, the capabilities of Azure and also the fact that they’re a key early adopter of hybrid working themselves; Microsoft has become the leading player for the new future of work.

As soon as we pieced those facts together last year, we pivoted to Microsoft-based services and extended management team to better enable us for a future as a Microsoft-based Managed Service Provider. There was just one thing left…

‘coz we are: Gold. Gold!

Microsoft Gold Partner Logo

80’s pop music aside; after months of hard work, Microsoft has recognised Atlas Cloud as a top-tier partner – Gold – for “Cloud Productivity”.

What does that mean for Atlas Cloud?

Apart from showing our clear intentions to base our solutions around both Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure, Gold status also means we enjoy enhanced support directly from Microsoft themselves to help bring even more innovative to solutions to our customers.

What could it mean for you?

To achieve this status, our Engineers diligently worked through months of extensive enhanced training.

Our upskilled team and enhanced Microsoft support mean we can deliver technology solutions more rapidly and to an even greater standard than before, ultimately enhancing the service quality for our customers.

What does it mean for the future?

Our CEO, Pete Watson, weighs in on the achievement and what it means for our strategy going forward:

We’re delighted to be recognised by Microsoft as a Gold partner.

Since we made the decision to pivot to Microsoft-led solutions last year, it’s been our goal to reach Gold partner status – that has meant upskilling our tech teams in a relatively short space of time and, I’m delighted to say, we achieved this faster than we thought we would.

We’re now well-positioned to deliver both Microsoft 365 and Azure-based solutions at scale for customers large and small.

It’s part of our commitment to bringing customers best-of-breed solutions, to help us achieve our vision of helping people do great work from anywhere.

Pete Watson - CEO, Atlas Cloud

To many, this future vision of work was a pipedream only made possible by the pandemic; but not us. Work becoming what we do, not where we go is something we’ve always belieeeeeved iiiiiin.

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