Making Tax Digital – The Secret Sage Solution

Making Tax Digital

It’s an unavoidable fact for businesses in the UK; Making Tax Digital (MTD) is coming and the April 1st 2019 deadline is looming ever near. Making Tax Digital is a Government initiative designed to drag the tax return process into the 21st century by demanding digital submissions rather than the prevailing (and rather archaic) paper-based approach. The aim is to transform the tax system so that HMRC becomes “one of the most digitally advanced tax administrations in the world.”

So you know what you need to do and when courtesy of the Making Tax Digital timeline. Maybe you’re thinking about purchasing the required upgrade of Sage (Sage 50 users need to be on version 25 in order to submit VAT direct to HMRC) or perhaps you’re thinking of using MTD as a reason to overhaul of your setup and go for a cloud version. You may even have researched into other certified Making Tax Digital software providers. But what if we told you there’s another way to get your Sage Making Tax Digital ready that will provide significant benefits in terms of cost, productivity and flexibility on top of Sage’s standard cloud offerings? Interested? Then read on.

When is Cloud not Cloud?
You may have already purchased Sage 50 Cloud or Sage 200 Cloud as part of a progressive cloud technology strategy or you may be considering these products just to get MTD ready. However, the reality is that neither product offers a true cloud service.

With both versions you are required to install the software onto each users device, which requires both access and significant man hours. In the case of Sage 200 you also need an on-premise SQL server to run it on, something which is both tricky and costly to implement. Doesn’t sound too appealing does it?

The Alternative Making Tax Digital Solution for Sage
While the above approach will get you MTD ready and may work ok for a year or two, we have an alternate approach that is perfect for future-proofing the modern workplace, one where users can work on any device, anywhere without any data sync or access issues.

We’re Sage’s only chosen cloud partner and we like to think of ourselves as their best kept secret.

How we approach it is simple, we host your chosen Sage product within our secure cloud environment. Skeptical about the cloud and worried about usability and security? Here’s why you can put those fears aside.

Firstly, users can experience the exact same functionality in a Windows environment so there’s no need for training as everything will feel familiar. Secondly, with regards to security, your application and data will be held in our data centres which have passed key industry security certifications including ISO 27001:2013 and fully comply with GDPR security regulations.

So all users need to do is open up our shortcut and they’re into Sage. This means it can be accessed on any internet enabled device and, regardless of the spec or age of that device, it will run faster than an on-premise Sage installation as it utilises the processing power of our servers, not the device.

On top of the above you’ll also experience the following benefits:

  • Latest versions of Sage automatically – no need for manual updates on each users device
  • We can integrate with Sage 3rd party applications and plugins
  • Remote wiping of any lost or stolen devices to protect your Sage
  • Access to all Sage modules including CRM and Manufacturing on-the-go (usually only available when accessing Sage 50 Cloud or Sage 200 Cloud on-site)
  • Predictable IT spend with pay monthly subscription model (OpEx instead of CapEx)
  • Award winning UK based support team on hand to resolve any issues fast

Oh yeah, we forgot to mention that you won’t need to pay for an expensive (easily £10,000+) SQL server as you can use ours!

April is Coming
If you’ve not devised a plan yet to get your Sage Making Tax Digital ready don’t worry, there’s still time. Get in touch with us today for your free Making Tax Digital consultation.

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