Thin clients are ideal for using with a hosted desktop.


The Citrix Ready RX-HDX is a new thin client device designed to improve performance and productivity while reducing power usage and costs. This thin client device is powered by Raspberry Pi 3 platform and runs a Linux operating system. It has been optimised for Citrix HDX allowing users to run powerful desktop sessions.

The security of the RX-HDX has been designed by NComputing with enterprises in mind so administrators can easily access and manage all devices from one central location, giving you total control over your IT regardless of size or number of deployment sites.


  • Workspace session appears on screen when your mobile phone is close to the RX-HDX
  • Productivity boost with single sign-on
  • Session cannot be interrupted by another casting device


  • Centrally managed device for administrators to control access and manage devices regardless of size or number of deployment sites
  • 8GB SD card sealed in the device to prevent tampering
  • Kensington lock for added protection


  • Durable when used in places subject to wear and tear i.e. schools, public computer rooms etc
  • Sealed form factor protects SD card and Raspberry Pi components
  • Lightweight design and option VESA mount allows for securing on the back of a computer screen

New Research

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