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Atlas Cloud delivers and manages virtual IT solutions connecting workers with any application from anywhere. We specialise in delivering graphically intense applications (i.e. Revit, ArchiCAD, 3ds Max) for clients in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector such as HS2, MAG, Arcadis and Kier. Thanks to our technology, all project parties can work in real-time collaboratively in the cloud on devices of their choice, over low bandwidth. Our solution also comes with per-month, per-user pricing, with same day deployment of new users at any time during a project.

As the first UK ISO 27001:2013 certified managed services company, we take security seriously. This means that data isn’t only stored securely, it’s also handled and dealt with safely throughout the company.

We’re certainly not your usual cloud provider; our aim is to transform businesses and the way we work by building innovative, cutting-edge technology that really makes a difference.


The core benefit of our solution is mobility, which is an essential part of everybody’s life nowadays. Everyone can now read and respond to emails or skim through the news on the go on smartphones and tablets without having to sit down at a desk and switch on a computer. With this in mind, mobility is also a key factor when it comes to productivity, as it allows for real-time reactions to any situation.

At Atlas, we enable the same level of flexibility in the workplace. We believe that workers should not be tied to their desks; they should be able to move around freely, work flexibly and not be restricted by technology but be empowered by it.


As a business that was founded in Newcastle and now has its headquarters in the city, we are happy to see that the North East is establishing itself as the UK’s top tech hub outside of London. Being a local business, we are especially proud to be involved in some of the nation’s biggest infrastructure projects such as HS2 and Manchester Airport. Whilst the high-speed trains might never reach Newcastle, crucial project data is stored in the region, which shows that businesses don’t need to be based in London to make a difference in the country.

That said, we still notice a discrepancy between the north and the south when it comes to innovation and the adoption of new technologies. Generally, businesses in the south are much more open to trial new technology and explore possibilities, whilst companies in the north seem to be holding back. This is especially sad to see as the North has so much potential, with great people, innovations and skills in the region.

To bridge this gap, we encourage businesses to step out of their comfort zones, explore and make the most of what’s available to them. Take the cloud as an example; many companies still hold back on adopting a cloud solution because they are worried about security or feel like it is too new, when in fact it has been around for years and, according to a recent Cloud Industry Forum study, 98% of respondents have never experienced a breach of security when using a cloud service. Technologies will soon dominate and the longer businesses wait, the more painful the transition will be.

New Research

Our recent, nationwide research shows what can be learnt from working during lockdown. Download the report today.

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