Overcoming objections to cloud computing in the legal sector

Overcoming objections to the cloud in the legal sector

With the legal sector undergoing vital digital transformation, it becomes difficult to outline and overcome the risks cloud technology could present law firms with. While many law firms plan to invest in new technology in the coming years, the cloud may still be a bit foggy especially when not all the benefits are outlined clearly.

What was once considered as a major security threat is now viewed as an opportunity for enhanced performance. Upgrading to the cloud is becoming a strategic tool for improving operational efficiency, increasing security and ensuring the overall future success of individual firms. Here are four ways cloud computing is overruling objections in the legal sector:

Objection: The cloud isn’t secure

When you move to the cloud, you no longer have physical access to data. Instead, data is stored in a secure environment that is accessibly when connected to internet. A major misconception of cloud services is that, because it isn’t physically available, it isn’t secure. However, 64% of enterprises agree that cloud infrastructure is more secure than older legacy systems.

Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) and cloud-hosted backup services enable law firms to enhance security procedures without having to pull out a lot of IT budget.

In reality, many law firms find that cloud environments provide much more stringent security features than they could hope to implement and manage on their own-premise IT infrastructure. Storing confidential data and client information in the cloud is a viable security measure for protecting against both human and natural disasters.

Objection: Cloud services are expensive

A common misconception for the cloud in general is that it can take up a lot of IT budget to adopt and implement. And once it is adopted, the cost for ongoing maintenance and support adds up. In addition to this, it can be hard to see the value of embracing an “as-a-service” approach to IT as you never really own the kit and software you are essentially renting from the managed service provider.

However, cloud technologies actually enable businesses to take back control of their IT spend. With the Atlas Cloud platform, businesses save an average of 40% per year due to the scalability of pay-monthly cost models. You only ever pay for what you need and can easily add or remove users throughout your entire contract duration.

Objection: We have really strict compliance regulations. The cloud just won’t cut it

Compliance preparedness depends on the provider. Atlas Cloud was the first UK managed services provider to gain ISO 27001 accreditation. Our solutions are also GDPR-ready and meet specific industry compliance, such as HIPAA. However, it’s important to take into consideration that the goal of meeting industry regulations is a joint effort by both the managed service provider and the organisation.

The Atlas Cloud platform in the legal sector

After detecting serious issues with our previous IT setup, we needed a solution that enabled us to embrace digital modernisation whilst still being fully secure. Staff now have the ability to work around the clock, when it suits them with data fully monitored. The main thing is that you can’t beat the safety, security and compliance Atlas offers.” – Ravi Kholsa, Partner at Kenneth M Barrow

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