Recruiters: Solve these four client pain points with the right technology

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The introduction of automated tools and cloud-based services have transformed how traditional sectors, such as recruitment and law, handle and monitor data. In addition to this, 56% said that new interviewing tools will shape the future of hiring and recruitment in 2018. Statistics like these prove that technology has the potential to aid any current issues faced by those within the recruitment sector.

Up-to-date technology enables recruiters to do tasks more efficiently as well as enhancing the relationship between the agency and candidates. Here are four main pain points recruiters face when it comes to their candidates and how the introduction of cloud technology can provide a solution:

Client Pain Point #1:

“Constantly chasing recruiters for updates”

By taking all documentation, emails and applications into a secure cloud environment, files are constantly updated and one live version of the truth is exclusively accessible to authorised users at any given time. This provides clients with complete transparency as they have 24/7 access to up-to-date documentation.

With 20.8% of recruiters finding it difficult to deal with candidate demands, technology enables recruitment agencies to have one unified solution that automates applicant processes and enables recruiters to access files whenever it’s needed.

Client Pain Point #2:

“Waiting for documentation in the post”

With cloud-hosted file sharing tools, the process of posting job offerings, contracts and applications are removed.

With top candidates only staying available for 10 days before getting hired, it’s in the agency’s best interests to have a streamlined approach to file sharing and accessing that reduces the time it takes for relevant CVs and contracts to be sent back and forth securely with ease. That being said, PageUp research reveals 16% of submitted applications come via a mobile device. Recruiting firms need to step up to the current demands set out by job seekers, something that can be done with scale with the use of a hosted desktop.

Client Pain Point #3:

“Security of personal information”

A common issue within the industry is the theft of candidate information when recruiters leave one organisation to join a competitor. This trend is down to the provisioning of the database where the candidate information is held.

Reports show that staff turnover rates in the recruitment sector reach 40% when the average employee turnover rate is closer to 15%. This can potentially increase the risk of data sovereignty within recruitment firms.

Client Pain Point #4:

“Transparency and value for money”

According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, 51% of companies are planning to hire temporary employees. This trend within the recruitment sector makes it difficult to supply staff with the right technical kit in a cost-effective way. With data being fed into one unified platform, this enables recruiters to report on the success they’re having fulfilling roles.

With hosted desktops, the managed service provider can deploy fully personalised desktop environment with no requirement to purchase new hardware. This means organisations are only ever paying for what they need.


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