Recruitment Agency Expo – an exhibitor’s reaction

Posted: 24th Mar 2023
We learnt a few things across the two days, here is our short summary of what we took away.


For the second time now, the Atlas Cloud team exhibited at the Recruitment Agency Expo. It was great once again be amongst industry leaders.

We learnt a few things across the two days, here is our short summary of what we took away.

#1: Greg Savage was the star of the show

Greg’s four talks across the two days were absolutely packed!

Amongst the many, many things he covered, it was great to see him discuss the need to ‘lead innovation’ as one of his 13 leadership imperatives. Innovation in the industry could come from a number of areas. Atlas Cloud customers are leading the way by enabling consultants to work flexibly from anywhere, using any device, while keeping the highest security and compliance requirements that limits the availability of data from unauthorised means.

Whether it’s our remote endpoint management technology that ringfences data on laptops and smartphones, or our SSE technology that ringfences SaaS apps like Bullhorn or any of the other vendors we were delighted to share the floor with at the Expo.

Shay and Ben at the Atlas Cloud stand
Shay and Ben on the Atlas Cloud stand.

#2: Changing attitudes towards cyber security

We’ve known for some time agency directors often take a ‘delegate’ approach to cyber security risks. However, this time we definitely noticed an uptick in the number of directors that wanted to take a more hand-on approach to reviewing cyber risks to highlight cyber on their own Risk Registers.

Part of the reason could be more people getting word of an industry breach that happened last year. Having to deal with candidate compensation claims and investigation from the ICO isn’t exactly a director’s idea of a good time.

But, away from the potential threats, the benefits of directors taking a hands-on approach to cyber – at least in terms of annually reviewing high-level risks – are very apparent. Having this on hand not only makes business insurance renewals easier but it can also reduce premiums. If directors have shareholders it makes great due diligence to demonstrate risk management. Increasingly now, larger clients also look for evidence of data security due diligence as well, making it easier to win larger group deals.

Perhaps more importantly, up front evidence of annual due diligence would also make an investigation from the ICO much easier, if an event ever did happen. Even if your decision was to accept the risk. Directors that delegated cyber and have no evidence of reviewing risks will have a much harder time navigating investigation. You probably don’t need reminding just how much the ICO have the power to fine up to!

That’s all probably contributed to our record uptake in our Cyber Security MOT at the Expo. Designed for agency directors to review the minimum high-level risks regarding cyber security, with a certificate at the end like a car MOT. Usually £80, at the Expo we were offering them for free and we’ve set a deadline for that at the end of this month – so you can still claim if you’re quick.


It would be wrong not to summarise the Expo without mentioning just how well-attended it was. The days of Covid are clearly (and thankfully) well behind us, we even met delegates that had flown in from all over mainland Europe just to get a load of what’s happening in the burgeoning UK recruitment sector.

We’re looking forward to the next time already.

Badge in white


Like parts wearing on a car, IT systems develop security risks over time.

In both instances, annual inspection helps steer clear of future breakdowns.

Atlas Cloud’s 12-point Cyber Security MOT will check your agency’s roadworthiness and rubber-stamp business continuity for the road ahead.

Worth £80. No other purchase necessary.

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