Reduce Business Costs with IT and Cloud Software

Many people are quick to brand cloud software as too expensive. The possibility of taking an already tight IT budget and using this to revamp your business’ entire IT infrastructure sounds time-consuming, costly and maybe even impossible. However, cloud software can actually reduce operating costs for your business.

How can a business reduce costs by using the internet?

Technology can reduce business costs quickly and effectively. Investing in cloud-hosted software can see your business cut down on costs significantly. Below, we have listed just a few ways cloud software can save you money. Read on to find out more about cloud software and our services or, alternatively, contact our team for a free demo today.


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  1. Reduced overhead costs

When you opt for a cloud-hosted IT system, all of your IT is taken care of. In fact, once you have invested in the cloud, there is no need for your business to have an IT Manager or an IT department at all. Everything from servicing to upgrades is automatic.

As well as this, traditional IT hardware typically needs to be replaced every 3-5 years. When your business is cloud-hosted you don’t need to replace outdated software yourself, because everything is managed offsite by your cloud provider.

  1. Reduced travel expenses

Implementing a work from home strategy as part of your work culture helps to reduce travel expenses. In turn, fewer people working in the office on a day-to-day basis cut down on bills and also opens up the opportunity to invest in a smaller, more affordable workspace.

  1. Cheaper payment system

Cloud software providers will often offer a pay-for-what-you-use system. Here at Atlas Cloud, our OPEX payment system makes it so much easier for businesses to scale up. For companies that are growing quickly, investing in new hardware to accommodate rapid growth can be expensive and inconvenient. However, cloud computing operates on a pay-for-what-you-use system. This allows your company to achieve its potential without being held back my lofty hardware expenses.

  1. Better staff retention

Low employee engagement is reportedly costing the UK 340bn per year. It is so important to consider how low morale may be translating into low profits for your business. But what can cloud software do?

Equipping staff with the freedom to work from home, and therefore strike a healthy work-life balance, can improve employee engagement vastly. As well as this, happier employees lead to better staff retention.

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