Remote Working Stories #4 | The One with the 5-Year Remote Working Stint

Posted: 18th May 2020
Not only is Mike the longest serving Atlas Cloud salesperson, but he’s done it all from home. In this blog he shares the advantages that home working has brought to his life as well as some tips on how to do it right.

A little about me

Hi I’m Mike. I’m part of Atlas Cloud’s Channel Sales team. It’s no secret among the office that I’m a real petrol head. I have a family of four, including my dog Lily that we recently adopted. I’ve worked at Atlas Cloud for over 5 years now, and I am one of the few who work remotely full-time, in my case from Manchester.

Advantages of Working from Home

Improved work-life balance

Working from home offers me a much better work-life balance – something I was not given the opportunity to manage so closely in previous roles. There are times when I am required at the head-office in Newcastle, but these are few and far between, as all of my work can be completed remotely.

A couple of years ago, my daughter was born and I didn’t have to compromise on helping my partner to look after her. While I obviously had to work after my paternity leave was over, I could still look after her and adjust my working hours to suit my family. I’m also able to better plan my childcare or even take care of the dog.

Lily the dog
Lily the dog, my home working colleague

A boost to productivity

Not being in a fixed office environment every day I find has massively boosted my productivity. I’m now able to focus 100% on tasks without any added distractions. I sometimes miss the banter of the office a little, but I still get to speak to the team every day in our sales round-up call.

Goodbye commute, hello lower stress levels

One of the greatest things about working from home is that the commute to work now consists of walking to the spare bedroom where I have my office set up. Not only does this save time and allow me to start my work day earlier, but it also saves me money on fuel and the inevitable stress that commuting brings. Speaking of stress, I also don’t have the worry I used to have in my previous role where I had to hunt for a parking space.

Technology means you don’t feel left out

With today’s technology, there’s no reason for anyone to feel like they’re not part of a bigger team if they work remotely. I’ve found that I’m part of team conversations and updates just as much as anyone else. Part of my role is to deliver the Channel update as part of a monthly business update; I can do this remotely if I choose.

Environmental benefits

One thing Atlas Cloud has been consistently trying to improve over the years is its carbon footprint. By having employees like me who can reduce or stop travel into an office, they can massively reduce their carbon footprint as we don’t use as much petrol.

Employee engagement

Employers who have a more progressive approach to working locations are likely to find that employees are far more engaged with the company. For example, I’m now the longest serving Atlas Cloud sales person, proving that home working can enable success and promote company loyalty.

Mike’s Working from Home Tips

As I’ve been doing it for over 5 years now, I thought I’d share the important things I’ve learned about home working that should help everyone have a better experience:

  • Create an efficient working space – I turned my spare bedroom into an office. Ensure you have a comfortable chair, suitable device/monitor and a decent desk setup.
  • Keep organised – You won’t have the usual prompts that you have in the office.
  • Get into a good routine – There are different distractions at home, a routine can help combat this. 
  • Take regular breaks – This goes for working in the office too, but it’s somehow easier to forget when working from home.
  • Speak to colleagues regularly to reduce isolation – At Atlas Cloud we use Microsoft Teams to keep in touch, it works brilliantly for us.
  • Exercise – This is really important when regularly working remotely (even if it’s just going for a walk).

The moral of the story

I think by now we’ll all agree that working from home is entirely plausible for many of us. With advancements in technology (think hosted desktops and unified communication tools such as Microsoft Teams) home working has shifted from an occasional perk to a way of life.

It can have a massively positive impact on your employees. However, it also has great benefits to the employer e.g. higher employee engagement, access to a larger pool of talent, lower costs, lower carbon footprint, greater employee productivity etc.

If you think it’s about time your company embraced home working for your employees on a more permanent basis then get in touch with the experts in remote working, Atlas Cloud.

Call us on 0191 250 5222 or click here to request a no-obligation quote.

About The Author

Mike is our partner channel manager and one of the longest serving members of Atlas Cloud. Being a self-confessed petrolhead, it’s not just speedy hosting solutions he feels the need for. And, for the record, the Tom Cruise comparisons don’t end there.

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